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Borgus Bohr

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  • CPU
    i7 8700k
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z370 Tomahawk
  • RAM
    48GB Corsair vengeance 2400mhz
  • GPU
    RTX 2070 Super
  • Case
    Carbide 275r
  • Storage
    Samsung 500GB 970evo plus, 500GB 860 Evo, 4TB Qvo, 2x 4TB WD blue.
  • PSU
    Corsair TX750M
  • Display(s)
    LG UK650
  • Cooling
    Corsair H150i Pro
  • Keyboard
    Xtrfy K4 Retro
  • Mouse
    Razer viper Ultimate
  • Sound
    Yamaha HS8
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. If I oc my i7 8700k at 4.8ghz, should I raise my ring ratio to 44 instead of the stock 43? Is ring ratio at 48 too high? What is life?
  2. Maybe a setting in your phone (not Spotify) that prevent "mature" content.
  3. Any recomendations for a good software that can read a drive and make a list of the files on that drive. I want to scan my archive/backup drives and make a list of wich files are on wich HDD. Thanks!
  4. You're right.. My power plan was at the default setting (Balanced)... it was on high performance before I re-installed Windows. Case closed!
  5. I disabled the Intel Speestep, now its at 4.7 all the time. For some reason it runs a little bit hotter under load with Speedstep on compared to Speedstep off.... Thanks for your input!
  6. Jello! My i7-8700k cpu ratio is set at 47 with every other settings on auto. The frequency of all cores used to be at 4.7ghz all the time, for about a year... even when its idling. Today I did a fresh install of Windows, and now the cpu can still go up to 4.7 on all cores, but the frequency changes all the time (From 800mhz to 4.7ghz) on every core randomly, like stock 8700k (when I game it stays at 4.7ghz). So far it seems stable and probaly is, but, would there be a reason why a fresh install of Windows would change the behaviour of the cpu? All the settings in the BIOS didn't change. Thanks!
  7. Just out of curiosity, on wich side of the screen your taskbar is?
  8. Anyone have benchmarked any games or softwares with the new Windows 10 feature "Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling" ? Please post them here if you please I compared performances with the image editing software Capture One, exporting 400 pictures. When activated (at High Performance) the GPU usage was 15% higher on average (RTX 2070 Super). GPU scheduling OFF: 2:30min and 60% (high of 75%) avg GPU usage. GPU scheduling ON: 2:08 min and 75% (high of 90%) avg GPU usage.
  9. I have a 4k 60hz monitor that I use mainly for work (photo, video) but I also use it for gaming. Personally I am not a high fps guy, so I run most games at 1440p very high or ultra at 60fps with a RTX 2070 super... If it wasn't for my job, I would probably have bought a 120hz 1440p monitor. Gaming at 1440p on a 1440p screen is little bit sharper and have better contrasts (whites and black) in my opinion, better than gaming at 1440p on a 4k screen.
  10. My wrists thanks you
  11. I have a TX750M, runs like a charm. Good quality hardware
  12. I'm looking for a wrist rest for a TKL mechanical keyboard... I have a Xtrfy K4. Any suggestions for good quality brands or websites that sells good wrist rests? Thanks!
  13. I'ts probably overkill. I have a 500GB ssd for the games I play and a 4TB for storage.
  14. Oh, Clever shortcut! Didn't know that one