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  1. Thanks alot, your reply really helps . And the logitech horror stories are true, I am still using their old software because their new G Hub software is a nightmare. I am probably going to go for the Razer Viper Ultimate based on everything I know. Just another questions, about the transition, I have medium sized hands but big fingers if that makes any sense, did you face any problems with the new weight and long sessions ? I sometimes felt my hands cramping with my current mouse (G900) a bit too heavy and not a good shape for my hand.
  2. I have looked at StealSeries and currently they have only one new wirless mouse and when compared to the options I posted above it costs about the same as the basilisk , heavier with worse battery life and nothing unique that makes me consider it over the others; however, I am not aware of sharkoon and am not willing to bet on a company that I just heard about.
  3. No not really, I have owned mice from other companies and mostly I liked them. I just have a soft spot for Razer mice and Logitech peripherals always live the longest with me. I still have a 10 yr old mouse & keyboard combo from them that is as good as new. They are reliable and both those companies have at least 5 mice in their wireless lineup. Regardless, I am open to recommendations outside those 2 companies. As long as it fits my needs (wireless, good sensor, and quality materials)
  4. Thanks, already checked rocketjumpninja, that's where I got recommended 1 & 2 in my list. Can you elaborate on why the G Pro Wireless out of the three ?
  5. Hey there, I am looking to update my mouse in the coming weeks. I have been using a Logitech G900 for the past couple years. My take away from that is it's a really good mouse with a great sensor; however, it's not as comfortable as I thought it would be and low key hurt my hands in long sessions without a break.I am now able to upgrade my mouse and hopefully make a better purchase that I wouldn't feel stuck with for the next couple of years. I think it's weight / shape isn't the best for my hands I spent quite sometime looking at options and reading for me and I kinda narrowed them down to 3: 1- Logitech G Pro Wireless 2- Razer Viper Ultimate 3- Razer Basilisk Ultimate I am not quite sure what it feels like using a mouse under 100g (G Pro and Viper) and there is very little comprehensive reviews for the basilisk ultimate although I like how it looks. I would appreciate if I can get some insight on using any of these and on how does using light mice (<90g) feel like. Also, any other recommendations are welcome. My price limit is 150$