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  1. Go in to NVIDIA control panel> Manage 3D Settings and set the Power Management mode to prefer maximum preformance
  2. What kind of processor do you recommend?
  3. Atm Chrome, but back then, I just ran windows and almost had the cpu % at 40 % or so
  4. Are the RAMs in the first and third slots? and is everything connected well in the motherboard?
  5. Hi there! I am having issues with my CPU, because I am having high CPU usage while I search on web or playing games. Have tried many things and they kinda worked but not much. (running windows 10 on it) Specs: GPU: GTX 760 (192-bit) CPU:Athlon II X2 260 RAM: DDR3-1333 2x2 GB Motherboard: GA-880-D2H v4
  6. I only said it because I have a gtx 760 which is powerful enough for me
  7. About 300-400 euro (doesnt have to contain gpu mostly talking about ram and cpu with the config)
  8. Anyone who can write me a good pc config for mostly overwatch?
  9. Forgot to mention, I want it for gaming (wanting a config for overwatch mostly)
  10. Then my other question would be, which "cheap" cpu do you recommend (amd) and if possible, with which motherboard do you recommend it. Ty for your answer
  11. I am having a question to the pc experts, which do you think is better, having a ddr2-1066mhz 2x2 gb with an intel q9400 or having ddr3-1333mhz 2x2 gb with an amd athlon II x2 260