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    Bose 700 for gaming

    Thanks for the information and recommendation; but now that I've had a couple of wireless gaming headsets, I'm not sure I could go back to wired - though I'm sure the sound of the sennheisers is far superior. Also, I'm not particularly looking get a new PC headset (since I bought the hyperXs not too long ago and they do the job more than adequately), but it would be a nice side benefit.
  2. 1080p, everything at high, 4x MSAA (TXAA off, FXAA off), no extended distance scaling or resolution scaling - but the other advanced settings on. I get roughly 100fps on average (sometimes around 120, other times around 80 - depending on scenery)
  3. Running with or without vsync, I only very rarely experience stutters - at about the same rate on both settings. What clocks are your CPU and RAM running at? (some of my games stuttered before I overclocked mine) My specs for reference: (i5 6600k@4.5GHz, GTX 1070 FE, 16GB DDR4@3000MHz)
  4. I already have a gaming headset (hyperX cloud flight), but I'm going to be buying the bose 700s shortly (for music, etc.) and I was wondering whether or not there's any noticable latency. If there's not I may switch to the bose as my main headphones (and buy a separate mic for discord and games). I frequently play CSGO and other similar games that are very reliant on low-latency, precise audio (though I'm not super competitive - I simply don't want to die due to bad/late audio cues). TLDR: 'Is the bluetooth latency of the bose 700s sufficiently low enough for competitive PC games?' I appreciate any advice