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  1. ASUS rt n66r. I usually get between 80-120mbps download speed
  2. ASUS, I’ll have to check the model. WiFi on laptop and phone is good. Just not great on pc
  3. Hello. I finished my first build and I kinda overlooked Bluetooth and WiFi. I got a rosewill ac1900 WiFi but the signal strength is bad. I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a good but not too expensive card, maybe $80 to 100. Bonus if one has a few more USB ports or even dp or thunderbolt but not necessary. Forgot to mention, I was looking for something to go in pci-e slot but I’m ok if it’s external, going for performance thanks.
  4. I’m a moron. I connected to the motherboard hdmi, I thought the card only had a vga port but now it works once connected to gpu.
  5. Intel i5 9600k. Bios was updated already. Worked when I had just the cpu and ram in
  6. Evga z370 ftw mobo, 2x8gb g skill trident z, wd black 1 tb nvme ssd, evga 1080 hybrid, evga 850 g3. The standoffs came preinstalled. Guess I’ll double check the connections
  7. Hi. I just finished getting my first build into the case and it won’t boot. Gives me a q code A0, IDE initialization is started. It was working before I put it in, had windows installed and got the latest downloads. I’ve tried clear cmos and it comes back to same code. The fans run and lights work, just no display. Any suggestions? thanks
  8. I think your right but I’m not sure why the case would have it, I’ll try to follow the wire and see where it goes
  9. Idk, it’s on the case with no label or in the manual
  10. Hi. I’m finishing up my first build connecting all the cables and I’m baffled at this one. I don’t see anything in the manual about it. I’ll upload a pic but it basically it’s basically about usb 3 size with 2 big pins. case is a Corsair 780t graphite
  11. I was also looking at the noctua df 15 but that thing is huge. I only got an i5 9600k so I shouldn’t need any to extreme for now. Maybe upgrade down the road to i7 but they’ll have the 10th gen out soon and I’ll need a new mobo
  12. Are 120s just not good on rads? Corsair says it’s a high performance fan especially for rads. I saw an evga clc cooler. Looks like they have 120s and 140s even double 140s. It might go nicely with my evga mobo, gpu and psu. Any other suggestions or just what u mentioned above?
  13. Yea, I think I’m good with 2x8 ram. Maybe I’ll look for another cooler or better way later. radiator is connected via the fan. Unless u want a pic?
  14. Would you mind looking at the pic I uploaded and let me know if you see any issues