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  1. Update: I installed fresh windows on new ssd. Problems in games disapeared. When I boot the same game from the first drive on previous windows install, stutters still exist. I turned off all updates this time, I am wondering if that will eliminate the problem for good.
  2. I didn't notice any other instabilities. Vrowser, photoshop, digital modelling software from autodesk - all runs fine. Games normally run with no problems too. I played all those games before on this pc. Problem occured second time as I said. It's really strange that some games have no issues, and others do. And Yes, all games are on Steam, Uplay or Origin platform. I am thinking about installing older version of win 10 on the second drive, installing same games and check if they still stutter. What do You think?
  3. I don't really have ability to swap parts as I said before. My collegues from work use laptops. Temps while gaming: Far Cry 5 - 68 (stutters) Gta 5 - 63 (Stutters. Also engine sound dissapears and reapears after freez. Then it runs for some time and freezes again.) F1 2019 - 62 (Seems to run ok this time. Played 30 minutes without any issues) Dirt Rally 2.0 - 67 - Runs ok Forza Horizon 4 - 65 - Runs ok MSI kombustor didn't crash. Temps went up to 78 degrees. I checked qvl list for AsRoch B450 Pro4, and seems like my module is not on the list... there are only modules rated at 3000 mhz and below. That would explain xmp profile of 3000. Do Ypu think this might be an issue?
  4. Ok, I'll do that tomorrow. It's getting late here in europe ;D Thanks for help.
  5. Run the test for 30 minutes. Didn't crash, fps was 130 fps average, max temp 79 degrees
  6. Damn, I tried to stay away from psu-s from the black list. I guess be quiet's status in europe is overrated... Ok, how long should it run stable on furmark?
  7. Not really, I am abroad, away from my family and friends. Don't have access to spare parts. The only option would be to buy new ones. You think this might be fault of PSU? It's not too weak with 500W, is it?
  8. Bought all parts in august last year.
  9. No, the only thing I changed is the fan curvature in aorus software. But I didn't have it when I had that issue first time.
  10. Clean install of drivers didn't help. I checked tems quickly while trying to run Far Cry 5. The game was not loading (when trying new game. Sometimes intro starts, but freezes after few seconds, sometimes doesn't start at all). CPU temps seems to be fine on 55 degrees celsius, but GPU temps rise to 77. When displaying black screen...
  11. I updated the bios already. Still no change. I will check temps tomorrow. Ddu - You mean Display Drivers Uninstaller? Should I look for older geforce drivers to replace them with?
  12. Hi, I have an issue with most of the games I try to play. Some of them like F1 2019 run for some time, and then freeze completely. Others like GTA 5 or Far Cry 5 stutter a lot. They run for a few seconds, and then freeze for some time. In some of them I notice missing stuff that should be displayed, like maps in menu, mission checkpoint etc. It doesn't happen to all of games. For example Forza Horizon 4, Dirt Rally 2.0 or iRacing run just fine. This happened to me second time. First time about one month ago. I tried drivers updates, reinstalling games, reinstalling Steam/Origin. Nothing helped until fresh Windows install. And now it happened again, making almost all of games unplayable. I thought it might be something with RAM, but memtest86 didn't show any errors. I tried removing memory modules and test how it runs on just one, but it didn't help. Speaking of RAM I cannot get it to advertised speed of 3200 mHz, the only XMP profile that shows is 3000. And when I tried to run it without XMP at 3200 it was unstable, showing blue screens. Anyone have any clue on what would be the reason for this issue? I assume hardware failure is not an option when reinstalling windows helped last time. Specs: Ryzen 5 2600 Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 Windforce OC 6GB AsRock B450 Pro4 Ballistix Sport LT 3200 8GB x2 beQuiet Sustem Power 9 500W + all latest drivers, updated windows and bios