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  1. I have a problem with my Asus GTX 970 strix that I bought used yesterday. When idle the clock speed is at the max boost clock of 1253MHz. Whenever I start a game or a stress test the clock speed drops to ~600MHz. If I increase the power target in Asus GPU Tweak II, it stays at ~800MHz. I changed the thermal paste and under load my temps don't go above 42 Also, when I try to play Skyrim, after only about 2 minutes both of my monitors go black and I get earraped because the sounds completely fuck up too. Then I have no option but to just hold down the powert button until the pc shuts off. The previous owner had none of these problems. Yes, I can trust him and he has tried to help me solve these issues. Things I have tried: -Deleting the display drivers (including PhysX) using DDU and installing the latest game ready driver. -Setting the power management mode in nvidia control panel to prefer maximum performance. -Using the debug mode in nvidia control panel. -Making sure all the cables are connected. My system specs: Intel I5 9400F Asus prime h310 motherboard 16Gb 3200MHz DDR4 Corsair RM650 PSU Asus GTX 970 Strix Any help would be appreciated.
  2. The card still performs as expected but i literally can't overclock because the GPU clock doesn't go over 800 MHz unless i'm on the desktop or playing a very light game like skyrim.
  3. Kuppi

    GTX 970 issues

    Yeah i changed the paste and my temps are fine now. I still have a problem with the clockspeed dropping under load and maxing out when idle.
  4. Kuppi

    GTX 970 issues

    I have the asus strix model
  5. I bought an used gtx 970 today and I have some problems. The previous owner didn't have them so it's probably just a software thing. So, when I'm just sitting on the desktop the GPU tempreature is about 50C, (which is already a problem) and the clockspeed sits at 1113MHz. When I launch a game or a stress test my framrates are pretty bad and the clockspeed drops to around 450. The tempreature rises to 60. When I close the game/stress test, the clockspeed doesn't go above 900 and the tempreature stays at 60. Things I have tried: -Deleting the drivers with DDU and installing the latest game ready drivers. -Increasing the temp and power limits in MSI afterburner to the maximum. (this actually helped the clockspeed to stay at 700-800 under load) -Restarting my pc multiple times. Can anyone help me?
  6. I don't really feel like paying over 100€ every time i install windows on a new pc. How can i activate it for free or at least for cheaper? I've also heard something about a trick with the command prompt, how does that work?
  7. My pc can't handle the newes games that will be coming out and i probably will get a new one in like 2-3 years so i think it's fine. Is that free trial the only way to activate it? How do i even start the trial and renew it? Sorry if these questions sound dumb i'm still learning.
  8. Recently i heard about the windows 10 ltsc version. AFAIK it's windows 10 without bloatware and it only gets feature updates about every 3 years but you still receive security updates like normal. How can i get it? Also, i've heard people saying "nobody pays for windows". Well, how do i activate windows for free and does the same apply here?
  9. Loud enough for it to get distracting
  10. I have a palit gtx 1050 ti dual OC and it's nit doing a great job in never games. I was thinking abiut overclicking but i don't think it can do it with the stock cooler without it sounding like a jet engine. What kind of a cooler should i get?
  11. So i can just buy those and it comes with a splitter? Do i have ti worry about anything else?
  12. Non rgb fans and 6 in total because they're pretty cheap and i think it looks much better to have all the available slots filled than having 1 empty. I think i can have 5 fans by having 3 in the fan controller and 2 in my motherboard, but what about the 6th one? Could i use a splitter of some sort?
  13. It supports 3 fans