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    AMD Ryzen 5 3600
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    16GB crucial Ballistix rgb (3200)
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    Corsair 220t airflow
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    256GB M.2 SSD / 2TB Hard Drive
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  1. I am looking for a new mouse and I really like the look of then Razer Basilisk mercury edition. I just want to make sure that I can change the RGB colors without letting Razer know EVERYTHING I do on my PC, I know that synapse 2 was deemed "Spyware" by the community because in the user agreement it states that Razer can collect any info about the computer and any web pages i visit. So that is why I am hesitant. Any help is much appreciated.
  2. Ok! Thank you so much! So basically Razer is just not playing nice with others again and is trying to making me pick up their own keycap set. I will take a look at Max Keyboards. Thanks for the help!
  3. I am planning on buying a Razer Black widow Lite mercury edition mechanical keyboard for my new work/ light gaming setup. I am also planning on buying other keycaps for this keyboard. I was watching a review on it on YouTube, and it said that the black widow lite has a different bottom row layout than standard keyboards. If someone could please help me choose out some keycaps or clear this up for me the would be so helpful. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. So I heard that two series of fans from corsair (example: SP120 and LL120) wont work together on the corsair lighting node core. Does the LL120 series fall into this category? I am planning on buying the Corsair 280x RGB and the Corsair H100i, both of witch come with Corsair's LL120mm fans. (2 each) However, the the case (280x) comes with the back ones, and the AIO comes with the white ones. I know that the white LL120's have a higher RPM, but will this affect the RGB goodness that i'm looking for? Thanks!
  5. Anyone have an idea how a black RK61 would look with the white hyper x pudding keycaps? thanks.
  6. Ok, thank you, that's what I thought.
  7. I just got the 1650 Super and I need a new monitor, I was wondering if the 1650 super can support 1440p, or if I should just stick to 1080p. Thanks.
  8. Its going to be powering a 3400g, so I think it will be fine.
  9. I'm putting together a PC parts list for a friends, and Im wondering if the SeaSonic S12III 500W is a good PSU, it 80+ bronze and is 500W, just wondering if its good.
  10. What monitor do you have? I was thinking of the Asus VP249QGR for the 1080p one, and the Acer V277U for the 1440p one.
  11. I would not call myself a gamer, but I do play a bit of games. But if I'm gonna game, its probably gonna be on my xbox. But when I do game on my PC, i do want it to work well and provide (hopefully) more than 60fps most of the time. The only reason I want 1440p is because I will be doing schoolwork and watching movies/ videos on it. So i really just want it to be clear. So if 1080p gives me a clear monitor, then I would rather save the money and go with that.
  12. Hi! I just built a new PC setup and I want to give it a name, I'm not very good at naming stuff, so I thought to go to the LTT forums to find someone to help me! Thanks!
  13. So do you think that it could support a 1440p display? thanks
  14. What GPU do u use. Would the 1650 SUPER work fine, or would it work better on a 24"
  15. Mostly schoolwork and watching videos/movies, but also some very light gaming, mostly Minecraft, Battlefield, Forza and Valorant. My GPU is the GTX 1650 SUPER.