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  1. Hello! I'm planning around building a PC rig with a Ryzen 3950x CPU and 2080ti GPU, I may be overclocking, I haven't decided yet. I'm cross between what type of cooling I should have. I've watched videos, but still don't know what I should do. This rig is already costing a lot but it is completely worth it, lmao. I know what coolers I'm thinking about getting. For water, NZXT Kraken Z63 with LCD display. $250 For air, DEEPCOOL GAMMAX GTE V2. $30-$40ish Yes I see the price difference! lmao. Both allow for basic overclocking, but of course the water (I think) can allow more. I'm truly split, I've also never had a water cooled system so I'm kinda worried about it. Also with money. Thank you!
  2. Thank you for the information!
  3. hello! I'm really curious on what hz monitor(s) I should get for my new build that I can hopefully build soon. I'm not worried on what brand I should get for a monitor but more on what hz I should get. I know 144hz is the the "ideal/normal" for gaming, or should I spend more money just to get myself to 240hz monitor(s)? I'm truly stumped on making a decision and thought I could use some help, thx you! :)