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  1. I have the viewsonic vx2758-2kp-mhd (1440p, 144hz) and even though I set it to 144hz it often just goes down to random numbers. This time it just went to 87. In the display settings in windows it still says 144 but monitor says the lower number. I can change it back to 144 but eventually it goes back. Does anyone know how to fix this? (I am clicking keep changes when I set refresh rate.)
  2. I have the xbox game pass on PC. Can I play 'golf with friends' on game pass on PC with people on steam?
  3. Ok thanks a lot for the help:) I guess things like that are part of the reason why people like Linux
  4. Ok after my pc restarted from updated my graphics drivers, the video encoding has gone down to 40% and rocket League performance is good. Do you know what that process is in tm?
  5. Yeah I have 2 sticks in 2 and 4 and they show 3200 in tm I installed drivers when I built it a month ago but this is my first build. Oh in task manager it says my GPU video encode is at 99-100%. Does this mean it's trying to stream?
  6. I used the Radeon overlay for GPU temps
  7. My GPU temps were fine, below 60c how do I check my CPU temps
  8. I'm using r5 3600 and 5700 xt. At 1440p I'm not even getting good frames in rocket League and my graphics utilisation is jumping around from 50% to 1%. I have set my ram to its rated 3200mhz in the bios and am using a seasonic gx750 750 watt power supply. Any help would really be appreciated.
  9. oh I guess that's why its relatively cheap then.
  10. the standard atx meshify c (what I have) is really good. It's got good airflow and build quality, and in my opinion it looks great
  11. oh ok, I don't think I'm ever gonna need that anyway
  12. ok and most nvme ssds dont have speeds over 20gbit anyway do they?
  13. so would it be noticably slower? should I just get a sata m.2 or sata instead?
  14. I have the atx fractal design meshify c case which Ive found to be really good and they do a mini version which you might wanna check out
  15. I have the MSI x470 Gaming Plus Max mobo and it does have 2 m.2 slots. Am I able to use two nvme drives or does one of the m.2 have to be sata?
  16. I already own some Wii games but I don't have an SD card to transfer them over. Pretty sure it's not illegal to download games you already own.
  17. ok karen... tbf they don't sell wii games anymore anyway so it doesn't effect nintendo.
  18. I'm talking about playing Wii games on an emulator on PC not buying Switch games to play on switch
  19. I wanna play Wii games with my PC using dolphin emulator; does anyone know a safe website to download Wii games from?
  20. I have let it complete the scan and repair a few times before yeah
  21. Every time I turn my PC on it says 'scanning and repairing drive'. I am using a WD Blue nvme m.2 ssd and I do click shutdown when I turn it off not unplug it or anything. Can someone help please?