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  1. So I Changed my pc case myself.when I press power nothing happens.mouse and speakers turn on and nothing else.can I fix it or should I go to pc professional
  2. i5 3470 gtx 960 8gb ram 500gb hdd 128 gb ssd 500w psu
  3. so my friends pc randomly shuts down while gaming,but he can hear the sounds just there is nothing on the screen.after 1 minute the game kickes him.so what could that be
  4. yes it is a new pc i3 9100f rx 570 16 gb ram 1tb hdd 128 ssd so everything is save.thank you
  5. i am going to change my pc case so is everything going to save.drivers,windows my data is everything going to save
  6. which case is better i am going to buy one of these
  7. CASE FSP CMT340 Mid Tower RGB Glass Black this is the case
  8. how many watts does rgb coolers take i want to buy a case with 4 rgb coolers so is my psu enough. this is my pc cpu-i3 9100f gpu-rx 570 4gb ram-16 gb ddr4 ssd-128 gb hdd-1tb psu-600w rgb power supply one cpu cooler and that is it. is it going to be enough
  9. i want to take parts from old case to a new one by my self.so is it hard to do with youtube tutorials
  10. no i am not going to change anything. my pc parts are new.just bought 3 months ago. just going to change the case and nothing else
  11. after i change the case do i have to reinstall windows?
  12. i have i3 9100f 3.6 ghz 16 gb ram ddr4 rx 570 4gb 128 ssd 1 tb hdd atx motherboard 600w rgb psu can this pc fit into this case? Type: Mid-Tower Form factor: ATX / Micro ATX Cooling Built-in cooler: No. Place for additional cooler: Front: 2 x 120x120 mm; Rear: 1 x 120x120 mm Interface 1 x USB 2.0; 1 x USB 3.0 2 x Mini Jack Headphone output: 1 Microphone input: 1 Physical characteristics Size: 404 x 200 x 418 mm Weight: 3.9 kg Color: Black this is the case specs