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  1. Yea, Windows 10 is pretty nice and intuitive. But it uses a lot of resources even on no work-load. After playing around with Windows 7 (specifically on this machine), I feel it's more snappy and responsive compared to Windows 10.
  2. Actually I did not get to trying the SDI pack, after installing the intel usb eX 3.0 driver (MANUALLY) everying went in place. When I tried installing it from the exe file, it sad that my system does not meet the minimul req. I don't know why..
  3. GOSH! Ok the problem is fixed. So what I did, if someone in the future has the same problem: I found and installed Intel eX usb controller (manually), after that alot of other deviced started popping up in the "Other Deviced" tab in Device manager, it simply installed them using windows update option. Now everything works normally.. Thank a lot for you guidance and assistance @TehDwonz!!!
  4. The first link is for chipset driver, I've installed it. The second link does not work. I get 404 error
  5. I think I need this driver: Intel® USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver But when I try to install it I get the error that my machine does not meet the minimum requirements
  6. Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller - PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_5AA8&SUBSYS_380117AA&REV_0B Unknown Device - ACPI\INT3452
  7. I was able to install this one with the exe file. But the problem remains in device manager.
  8. I think that worked. I have installed the driver manually, by pointing to the inf file from device manager. The PCI controller is now gone from "Other devices" but the Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller (PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_5AA8&SUBSYS_380117AA&REV_0B) stays there (im adding a pic). The mouse is still not functioning correctly and usb sticks are not recognised.
  9. I could try that. It seem strange since a while ago I've used windows 7 on this machine and I had no problems
  10. When I try to install it, I get the error: This operating system is not supported
  11. According to Intel's tool, my drivers are up to date.
  12. Thanks, unfortunately the driver that I need is missing from DriverPacks database. Thats the device I need driver for: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_5A9A&SUBSYS_00000000&REV_0B I have installed one driver I found online, now the usb ports arent working at all...
  13. I'll give that a try. I'm downloading it, its 20GB.
  14. Thanks for the fast reply mate :). Is the somekind of software I can use to check up the chipset version to know what driver I need? Also I noticed the mouse scroller isn't working.
  15. Thanks for the fast reply. I remmember I have used Windows 7 with everything working fine, before. How can I check the USB chipset? Some kind of software I can use?