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  1. Nothing above 130
  2. Tech reviewers say that they are extremely loud. In this video, You can tell the sound difference between the cherry mx red and razer linear optical switches
  3. Nothing above 130
  4. I need a keyboard that is quiet and fast. Such as cherry mx silvers. Any suggestions? I was thinking about getting the razer huntsman te but it was too loud.
  5. is cherry mx blue louder then razer huntsman te linear optical switches? If so, how much?
  6. If I turn have it on, doesn't it shortern the life of the SSD?
  7. I optimized my ssd on accident and I wanna turn it off but I dont know how.
  8. Has Mechanicalkeyboards.com ever had a Ducky one 2 mini sale before?
  9. What is pre-travel in keyboard switches?
  10. are silver and speed silver the same? Im thinking about getting a ducky one 2 mini.
  11. I know that silent red is the quietest, but I'm a gamer so i really need a keyboard that is fast like silver speed. I just wanted to know how loud the silver speeds are.
  12. Im not really a keyboard guy and i have no idea what you are saying. Any easier definition?
  13. Is Cherry MX Silver louder then red? If yes, About how much?