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  1. Alright thats what i thought thanks to everyone who responded its the same machine so it should be good. Thanks again
  2. I recently got a laptop that came with a ssd but I wasn't installed on it. I have tried cloning and going into the bios but that didn't work (to boot from ssd) so I was going to reinstall windows completely. I was wondering if when I did that if I needed the activation code or if it was saved to my Microsoft account. Thanks
  3. Hello, Sorry about the time in between posts didnt have time to do this last week. Anyways I copied the files over to the SSD no issues there. I went into the bios tho and when I choose for the SSD to boot windows (in the boot sequence area of the bios the one on top is where it boots i believe) it gives me the bitlocker error. Did I do something wrong? Thanks
  4. Alright I will try this later and be back with the results
  5. Yea it says disk capacity is 930 gb. So should I reinstall windows or try to use a migration tool to put it on the ssd?
  6. I checked it through the file explorer. I right clicked and hit properties on the c drive and this is what it shows.
  7. Here is the disk management I can see the 1tb hdd there and what i pressume is the 256 gb ssd and it says there that its booting from the hdd. I also attached (i think) the model information in case that is helpful. I checked the properties as well it says 950 gb so I would pressume its the hdd. Thanks
  8. So when I reinstall it will it prompt me what drive I want to boot from?
  9. Hello, I recently bought a Dell G5 5590 with i7-9750h, GTX 1660ti, 256 gb SSD, and a 1 tb HDD. I thought that the boot drive was the SSD but its the HDD. Is there anyway I can change that? Thanks in advance