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    United Kingdom
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    Tech, Coding, Operating Systems, Linux, Software
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    I am a tech enthusiast from the UK who likes to code and has a website and loves pizza


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    Windows and Mac OS
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    MacBook Air 2020
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    Honor 8s 2019

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  1. I know. I do have Firefox installed and the search engine I use on it is DuckDuckGo. I just wanted to try something new
  2. I tried to sign in to the beta version of the forum via the sign in with LTT Forum option again and it worked this time
  3. My point is that PIA is based in the US a country with a government which supports mass surveillance and might ask PIA to hand over the logs they may have. This is less of a problem with countries based outside of the five eyes
  4. PIA probably take logs. They are also based in the US meaning they are not very trust worthy
  5. When I try to sign into the beta it says I am not allowed too. Why?
  6. Hate three as well. Bad service and the sim did not work for hours. Fully happy on EE. I get free boosts as well!
  7. I use ghostery on my browser and it is quite good and I find the Ultimate test for adblock is to go to msn.com or yahoo and see if the ads still load and they don't with ghostery.
  8. It also has some privacy twicks and has https everywhere and no script
  9. A bit too slow and I also don’t like how you get captchas everywhere when you use it