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  1. yeah. to get ethernet into my room i literally just drilled a hole in the wall. but, isn't an option for everyone.
  2. wifi cards are pretty much useless, i'd grab an ethernet cable and hook it up to your router. only good if you can't really get your ethernet cable to your PC.
  3. launch a minecraft or gmod server. you'll probably make a bit of cash if they're half decent servers.
  4. not that I know of, but you might be able to make a macro for it.
  5. good. just buy an ethernet cable and hook it up into your router. it'd probably be super easy and yield extremely better internet
  6. 6 cores are probably fine for what you're using it for. the 2 extra threads will help if you were streaming it.
  7. at the end of the day, it's not a really big difference. i'd go with the 3500, but the 3300x might do better in some scenarios. just depends on the luck you get.
  8. you need to have your PC connected by an ethernet cable, and if you want even a little performance you might want an SSD.
  9. might be the hardware. is your PC connected by an ethernet cable? it can be your hard drive, memory, or just general unluckiness. what are your specs?
  10. if you were gaming, you don't need too good of a processor. if you're actually going to use it as a workstation or for work, i'd go with more threads. gaming, i'd go 3500. workstation i'd go 3300x.
  11. i'm pretty sure an air cooler would be better in general, it's prolly not going to run too hot and water cooling is probably harder to set up. but, just preference at the end of the day
  12. Hello! Can you be more specific? (example, i7 9700K, and ryzen 7 3700X). If you are thinking about inbetween ryzen and intel, I'd go ryzen.
  13. Ground Left Left If I got to choose, it'd be on my desk. But i don't have room for that. On the new PC I'm getting I already have a desk woodcrafted that's pretty big.
  14. not sure, but at that price range you should expect to get a 2070 super, or a 2080 super. unsure if you want extra storage other then the SSD you're pulling, but it could help. i'd get a Ryzen 7 3700X for this kind of build as well.