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  1. I've made some more research on various websites. 2700x is unfortunately not available on a reasonable price. So currently I am thinking 3600 with tomahawk and following rams: I suppose it doesn't matter if I just order 2 of those above or just one of the kits below:
  2. I could try for 3700x (it is 2500 TL) but it would leave me with 1000 which would force a low-end mobo and 8 gigs of RAM. 8 core 16t is really tempting, so maybe I should consider 2700x. I don't know much about clock speed thing with older Ryzens, but I suppose as long as I get 3000 mhz rams I should be safe, right? 2700x is 1600 TL btw which leaves more budget for cooler/mobo/RAM Edit: 2700x is not really available, cheapest one I find is 2500 which is same price as 3700x lol
  3. Here are some motherboards: Beyond these, there are x570 ones which I think too pricey:
  4. I'll have 3500TL (Turkish Liras) which is weird when you compare to $ due to fucked up currency conversion. Note that one reason I wanna upgrade now is that, even if prices may go down with new releases, economy is going bad. So let me put some prices: 3600x is 1650-1700 TL (250~ $) 3600 is 1350-1400 TL (200~ $) 3300x is 1100 TL (150~ $) 3100 is 950 TL (120~ $) 2x8GB is around 800 TL (110~ $) For motherboards there are way too many options but I am sure they are comparable to CPU prices. @TofuHaroto About 1700x or 2700x I know that they are still a decent upgrades but I kinda feel skeptical about Zen 1 compared to Zen 2 mate ;/ @ShrimpBrime
  5. Bump: I decided to just upgrade. I was wondering opinions regarding 3100, 3300x, 3600 or 3600x. I'm also riddled with the motherboard selection. I don't want to go cheap on mobo. For the cooler, what do you recommend? I'll get an air cooler if I get one for sure. Lastly, I was wondering what kinda RAM should I get. I'll go for 2x8 gb with 3000mhz clock speeds, but I am clueless regarding the rest. Thanks in advance
  6. That seems reasonable. While intel doesn't really cut prices, AMD was more generous with the prices when new ones are released. So even if 4xxx Ryzen (I suppose zen 3) are not offering decent budget CPU options, I could still get 3600/3600x maybe 3700x instead of 3300x/3100 cheaper, hopefully. At the same time I have like no hope for intel tbh, they were and probably always going to be more expensive for relative performance. Haswell was an exception probably, following generations I didn't really see a point upgrading. Not to mention socket change every other generation. Anyways, going off-topic here a bit I'll see what others think still, but your advice seems reasonable. I sure as hell can live with not playing CoD: Warzone AND having a stream open on my second browser, I can't focus well on either anyways.
  7. Greetings, I have recently got a ASUS GEFORCE ROG-STRIX-GTX1660TI-A6G-GAMING 6GB GDDR6 192bit 1800Mhz OC 2xHDMI 2xDP AURA RGB graphics card. I was on sale, so I just grabbed it after I dumpstered my GTX970 (long story, it was running on 1 fan after the other 2 fans broke even if it was Gigabyte Windforce 3X variant). My system currently has MSI Z97 PC Mate, 4x4 1600 Mhz G-SKILL DDR3 rams and an i5 4690K CPU with stock cooler. I didn't really do any OC on the CPU or RAM, given that I am on stock cooler and my motherboard is not really that good for it. After having 1660TI, I get the feeling that my CPU is preventing me to utilize my GPU optimally. I do multitask a lot, I am almost all the time running Firefox (with Twitch playing 1080p60fps videos often), sometimes an IDE up and running alongside the games I play. I play WoW, HS, Dota which are perfectly fine with my second monitor has other stuff open, but when I run CoD: Warzone, I pretty much can't use my second monitor even with borderless window is on. Maybe this game is not very optimized, but I get the feeling that my CPU just struggles, since when I check task manager, I can see it is often spiking to 100% usage and 4 core/4 thread just seem a bit weak in 2020. My monitors are some LG monitor at 1080p and 75hz and the other is an AOC monitor at 1080p and 60 hz. My power supply is quite decent I think, it is Seasonic G Series 550 SSR-550RM 550W 80+ Gold ATX12V & EPS12V Semi-Modular I was wondering if I should get a cooler and OC my 4690K or just invest more money and grab Ryzen 5 3600, or the new 3300x/3100 with DDR4 2x8 RAMs with much higher clock speeds (thinking of 1600 > 3000) and maybe a B450 board. I am a bit conflicted here, because I make like 2000 units of money a month working part-time as a developer (only mentioning that because I could actually use extra muscle on the CPU/RAM too since even if I don't build intense apps, it will definitely help when I am running bunch of tools and IDE simultaneously, using AVD for Android development etc. and multitasking overall is really relevant to me.) and I am thinking of investing 3500(500$ /sigh) units of money on top of that, just to get a system that is as up-to-date as 1660TI. So my question is, would it be worth grabbing a new MOBO (will probably have to go with budget ones like PC Mate, but maybe a bit better) and finally hop onto Ryzen train (which I was looking forward to for years, now that 3rd gen seems quite nice, it seems like a good time). Is it worth waiting for 4th gens? I've heard they will be mostly big for mobile and Ryzen 3xxx CPUs seems perfect for my needs. Long story short, what would you do if you were me? I know I added in so many parameters, especially given that price/value comparisons won't make much sense since I'm from Turkey, but I thought I could still have some input. Anybody sticking with 4690K? Even if people delid/OC that CPU, I am sure they are on much better motherboard and coolers. I could slowly sell my old CPU/Mobo/RAMs and still get some of the budget covered over time, but I wanted to get some opinions first. Sorry for lengthy post, I did some searching but my question looked too specific, I decided to start a new thread. Thanks in advance, take care!