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  1. Thank you guys. The first place I saw the EVGA 550 gd was here https://www.precio-calidad.com.ar/categoria-producto/fuentes/page/3/ but now is out of stock (that's another problem in my country). Now I found it here https://www.cp-group.com.ar/41c26-Fuente-de-alimentacion?p=1&o=&c=26 I can't found the EVGA 600 bq, even in anothers stores.
  2. Hi guys, I would love it if you could recommend a PC power supply. A friend of mine has just bought a new PC and he just needs a power supply to go with it. We are from Argentina so there aren’t a lot of brands and models to choose from, prices rise week by week and US dollars are extremely expensive for us. My friend won’t really overclock his PC or demand a lot from it, he also won’t change any parts soon. He would like to have something that lasts a long time. I guess he would be OK with 500w, maybe even 450w? I’ll add some 650w or higher power supplies I found at a similar price to the options in case they are worth it. Setup: Ryzen 5 3600 Mother Asus prime B450 1 Tb HD SSD WD 240 Gb Green 2 x 8Gb 3200MHz Team T-Force Vulcan Z Asrock Rx 570 8gb OC Phantom Gaming D Sentey K20 Extreme RGB (4 fans) I did some research and found some models that fall well within his budget and placed them in Option 1. If you find all of them lacking and think he would need something better, he can make some sacrifices and extend his budget to cover the more expensive ones in Option 2. Option 1: EVGA 550 gd – P/N: 100-GD-0550-V8 ~ U$S 118 EVGA 450 gd – P/N: 100-GD-0450-V2~ U$S 89 Cooler Master Masterwatt 500 lite ~ U$S 76 Cooler Master MWE 500w ~ U$S 80 Cooler Master MWE V2 650w ~ U$S 90 Thermaltake Smart White 500w ~ U$S 68 Thermaltake Smart RGB 500w ~ U$S 79 Thermaltake Smart Pro RGB 650w ~ U$S 126 Corsair VS 550 (yellow label) ~ U$S 97 Corsair VS 550 (grey label) ~ U$S 87 Corsair VC 550 (white label) ~ U$S 86 Sentey Sdp-550 ~ U$S 82 Gigabyte P650B ~ U$S 108 Seasonic S12III 500w ~ U$S 91 Option 2: EVGA 650gq ~ U$S 169 EVGA Supernova G3 550 ~ U$S 166 Gigabyte G750H ~ U$S 159 Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 650w ~ U$S 149 Seasonic 750w Focus Semi Modular (SSR-750FM) ~ U$S 177 Again, he would really prefer to get one from Option 1 so as to not go way over-budget. Thanks in advance