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  1. So I fixed it by setting the overclock settings in the motherboard from manual back to auto, could it have been a voltage problem then?
  2. I mean boot loop after powering it down. if i just change it in the bios and let it boot into windows, it works fine with no crashes, it's just that after i turn the pc off or put it to sleep that it's not gonna boot again until cmos reset
  3. The XMP does change it to 1.35 and it still just goes into an infinite boot loop
  4. Thing is, even after just manually setting the speed to 2667 and changing nothing else, it still won't boot
  5. Hey everyone! I just built my pc recently, and not long ago I enabled XMP as well for some extra performance, and it works perfectly fine... until I power off my pc or put it to sleep. And it's not just for XMP, it's for any ram speed setting other than the stock 2133mhz. After changing the speed, the pc boots into windows and everything works, but when I restart it, it won't boot ever again until I reset my cmos. What could be the problem? My specs are: ASrock B450M PRO4-f 1x8 G.skill Aegis 3200mhz because of budget reasons AMD Ryzen 5 1600 AF
  6. Hi, currently I'm using a ryzen 3 1200 with the bios that came with the motherboard, but I'm upgrading to a ryzen 5 1600 AF tomorrow. The thing is, the 1600 AF needs a bios update to 2.0, but the manufacturer's site says don't update to 2.0 if I'm using a pinnacle ridge processor, so it's basically contradicting itself. What do I do? I never flashed a bios update before either.