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  1. That board confuses me, but I'm pretty sure you have to upgrade. A board can't be upgraded from bios to UEFI. A UEFI is the successor to bios. Was that board in a server? Can you provide some more info?
  2. other specs? I have a laptop for 50$ Less for a 1650max Q here https://www.newegg.com/black-msi-gf-series-gf63-thin-9scx-005-gaming-entertainment/p/N82E16834155354?item=N82E16834155354&source=googleshopping&nm_mc=knc-googleadwords-mobile&cm_mmc=knc-googleadwords-mobile-_-pla-_-gaming+laptops-_-N82E16834155354&gclid=EAIaIQobChMInp6Y_9b96QIVB0qGCh0ioAE8EAQYASABEgIq5PD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds. Also don't post any more. Then you have to make 350 more posts. Nice.
  3. Idk, man. That sounds like a bad card. Like I don't know. Is it possible to undervolt and post some numbers. Find temps at each option after a benchmark? See if it helps. That's all that seems to be done.
  4. I have a few ideas. 1. Update the Motherboard’s bios. There may be a problem in the bios that causes unstable USB. 2. Update the USB drivers. 3. If your motherboard has ps/2 and you have a ps/2 mouse, delete and reinstall all usb drivers. 4. Scan for malware. 5. Update all windows stuff. And when you are doing that, all other drivers. 6.Reinstall windows. I know it seems harsh, but sometimes Windows can be bad 7. LAST IDEA. Find a USB to ps/2 adaptor if you have a ps/2 port. This is all I can think of and I hope this helps.
  5. USA, and yes, preferably good enough for 3rd/4th gen ryzen
  6. +1 - get a reliable power supply before that C4 murders another PC wdym?
  7. I was more worried that the powersupply would fry the mobo, as the board was in a pre-built with a 250w noname, but i do trust it, as the thing kept the pc working for like 10 years. ill try it later.
  8. I've had my main rig die on me, and i am using a potato backup. The main problem is that the graphics card and cpu seem to be a bit mis matched. The current rig is a core 2 quad, a hd 3650 and a old dg3303m mobo. is there any way i can put in a 600w thermaltake 80+ smart, and my rx 480?
  9. Yes it is should be possible, but exactly what psu, and which quadro, and which psu?
  10. It may need to be put on the USB again, or you may need to update the laptop's bios
  11. Just to double check, did you run the exe, or put it on the USB
  12. I'd say if you can budget 32 gigs at 3200mghz then yes, but 16 at 3200 would work. I have never used a water cooler before, but basically told myself the cooling advantage is not worth the hassle of setting it up and taking care of it when it breaks. Does it help much and I am in the wrong? Aio and air are similar. I just suggested using an aio, cuz more air movement in case but it doesn't matter really. Though if you are using the wraith cooler, then I'd upgrade.