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  1. So what I think is going on is they calculate the result based on the ram+GPU for the GPU result. When I first built this system I was using some gskill aegis 3000 stuff but I was under powering the card by basically only having one cable plugged into the card (its a long story and this is my first card with 2 separate power connectors) So I got a bad result then. I then fixed the power issue and it fixed the result on userbenchmark. I swapped out the ram and went to run the test again and i got an even worse score than before the power problem. I have an rx580 I will test with and see if that scores super low as well and if it does then I think I am correct about them calculating the score of the gpu based off other parameters like memory. I have ran other benchmarks like unigine heaven and superposition and my results fell in line with what other got on the same setup (3700x and a 2070 super) So this all might have really just been down to userbenchmarks being shit So @Slottr and like everyone else, you guys were right. Don't trust userbenchmarks. lol I will update this when I test the rx580 tuesday or wednesday.
  2. AH that makes a bit of sense then. The ram works fine from everything I can see I just wasn't sure if adjusting the fclock would help since I just left it set to auto. Okay since this ram isn't technically supported then I wont worry about it until it starts crashing my system or something since its working just fine just had that weird error on sketchy old userbenchmarks.
  3. I have no idea what to look for in hwinfo. Yes I am on the latest bios. I did just recently update to the beta version but this has been happening before the bios flash.
  4. I take their percentage thing at the top with a massive grain of salt but look at the percentile among users to kinda get a baseline. Temps are solid at 55c pretty much the whole time I am playing. They might go to 60c after an hour or so but im impressed with how solid the temps are on the GPU.
  5. I have a MSI x570 gaming plus with a r7 3700x and 4x8gb trident z 3600 cl15 sticks and according to userbenchmarks (i know userbenchmarks is shady i get it) but I am getting weird results. I have XMP enabled and it shows 3600 in task manager and on the userbenchmarks results. The other thing I am having a problem with is my GPU. I get terrible results with it on there but I havent noticed anything wrong except when running games I used to get 700fps with my rx580 I now get 300fps but since that doesn't really mean anything I just assumed it was how the game was made and what it was optimized for, I also hear some weird coil whine sounds when running benchmarks on the 2070 super. Anyways here are the results from suerbenchmarks. https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/29633407
  6. I plan on overclocking eventually but for now its going to run mostly stock r7 3700x and 2070 super speeds/thermals. I hadn't seen the PC-O11D until now and that thing is gorgeous. The lancool 2 is one I keep looking at and since it has the TRRS plug Its up there on my list of possibilities. I know the TRRS plug is such a weird thing to get hung up about but its just what I prefer. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Well hell since everyone is saying this I guess I will stay away from that. Damn. Do you know if the 710 is better? I assume not since its just the same thing but larger. The case I have now is a Corsair 100r silent and I really don't like it. It sucked to build in and not a lot of room for fans. So I ignored corsair till just now and I am liking the 275r airflow.
  8. I am hunting for a different case right now. I am thinking the NZXT H510 or 710 but I am not dead set on that. The only thing thats super important to me is it has a TRRS plug for the front audio because I hate dealing with 2 plugs when getting on discord. (sure I could just use a wireless headset but I prefer wired). Anyways this got me wondering what everyone's favorite cases are as I am curious what people love and hate.
  9. Just changed all that but it didn't change. I did just set all the in game settings to low just to see what would happen and it only increased by about 50fps. So I am guessing this is something in the nvidia stuff. This is such a non-issue though that I am not worried about it it was just a curiosity.
  10. On the rx580 I believe I was running at ultra but it is possible I didn't save those settings. I will double check and see what the settings are at now
  11. R7 3700x. I made sure to get the drivers. I guess thats possible for bottlenecking to work like that.
  12. This might be a dumb question or the wrong spot to ask but I just swapped from an rx580 to a rtx2070 super and I thought it would be funny to see what FPS I got in "Golf With Your Friends" as I was getting like 500-700 with the rx580. I was surprised to see I am only getting like 300-400 fps with the 2070 super. Obviously this does not matter in the least for a game like this or really any game but I am curious why this is the case and if there is some setting I missed in the cards software. Thanks!
  13. Ah okay I won't mix them. OH The price changed. It was $162 for the cas15 stuff the other day. Yeah $10 I have no problem with.
  14. Should I remove the cooler and redo the thermal paste? I thought that seemed pretty drastic of a change but since the system was ran for maybe 3 hours with the single fan, powered down, second fan put on and the cooling tower being jiggled a bit. I wonder if I didn't have good contact from the start. I guess I could remove the second fan just to see.
  15. I am jealous. I am in the US so hopefully they will be back sooner than july but who knows. I don't know if I want the RGB one. I don't have a lot of RGB stuff in my system as is but I wouldn't mind setting the lights to a static color. I am tempted to save for the elite version as that looks pretty nice but $170 is a little on the high side for me.