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  1. Do you have a clean 10GB LAN between both PC (CAT 7 and fitting switches/routers) ? Otherwise it wouldnt make much sense cause large files will take too long to download from your NAS PC to the client PC at terrabyte scale. If yes, heres some basic info for you : https://www.devroom.io/2020/02/28/building-a-diy-home-server-with-freenas/
  2. And i reached Top 1000, have a Ryzen 9 3900X, 32GB @3600Mhz and a RTX2700 Super + Vega64 in one computer not running all the day and a FX 8350, 32 GB DDR3 and 2* GTX1650 + 1* GTX 1050TI running almost 24/7 .... thats why my avg pts vary this much between days running both and running only 1 system
  3. As long as you have no free electricity i wouldnt recoment mining with normal pc hardware like x86 based cpu´s or graphiccards. Those who make profit with that sit in low energy cost countrys using asic-based-rigs at big miningfarms. Be a good trader would be more profitable than pc-mining.
  4. Yesterday we hit the 25°C , today allready colder XD A little isle in Northsea is definitely an advantage in summer
  5. If your NAS runs anyway let it crunch BOINC. 10W TDP of the processor aint much. It wont give you this much points per day, but continous extra bonus points help a lot .
  6. + Seti@Home is hybernated and a lot of good folders wich spend 10+x Years in crunching there have switched to F@H and wont get off here this fast Ok ok, we all have still BOINC client and maybe we are some days in the Year "AFK" if there is a special event ... XD
  7. " Feuer Frei " I packed my old PC (front view Teamviewer) in the cool basement where it can now run 24/7 without my wife being annoyed. My new Ryzen 9 3900 meanwhile runs in the living room and folds when I'm not playing.
  8. I use my 2070super and my Vega64 (both on same mainboard) under windows 10 pro , runs fine with newest drivers. With Ubuntu it should run fine, too. What i saw was that on my old board with pci-e 3 -16 and the fx8500 the diference between both cards was ~10% , with new mb with pci-e 4-16 and ryzen 3900 it is ~ 20% the 2070s is faster. This means, if you have an old system 2015 or older you may not profit as much from your new 2070super as you may on a new system. (both cards are in a fully conected 16x slot) . Well, i think so. I well picked some graphic cards on E-b*y to feed my now "old" fx8500 system for crunching and to ad a 3rd card to my "new" ryzen 3900-system. I found out that the market prices on e-b*y are reflecting the prozessing power to each other at used cards. I was looking for low energy cards wich dont need extra power but get along with max 75 Watts TDP. This cards are : Geforce 750, 1050, 1650 and the TI and super variant(s) of it. As i sayed , the price reflects the crunchpower and as a result of this its best to add the 1650 (super if you can grab one used) cause the tdp is same 75w as 1050TI uses, but you need two 1050TI for same crunching power wich results in 150W tdp than. I managed to grab two 1650 and one 1050TI in a week for good price at least. ON THE OTHER HAND : Points dont reflect this , two 1050TI wont give you same points as one 1650super will give you, this is the speed result bonus (regardless if F@H or BOINC, but at F@H its a bigger difference) . And yes, my 2070super kicked out 1200 points in a time my Vega64 just kicked out 850 .... and this at a diference of 10% of time (measured on my old system). Therefore, BOINC is more "fair" to mid and low range cards while F@H "overvalue" high end cards. BUT this discussion is as old as crunching projects are, i know this discussions since years (former in BOINC Forums) and lets say : "Points" are a beauty giveaway for the crunchers to measure each other ant to see you did something....but thats it. The real meaning of what we do is to help scientists at the work they do and make this work possible. It doesnt realy matters how much "Points" you get as long as they get the results in time - this is all what matters. Happy crunching folks
  9. Seems it slowly recovers ... guess they are 80% back. Got WU´s but there are still moments after finished wu´s when he needs 3 or 5 atempts to get new WU.
  10. seems we are running short on WU´s right now ?
  11. This Popup wants to tell you " Please install Ubuntu instead .... "
  12. BTW Overcocking with increase of power is 2010 ... today state of the art is undervolting as low as possible before getting unstable and then increase the clocking to speed the card up again...with luck nearly to the default speed. Life has become greener last 10 years
  13. on my rtx 2070 i use core+100 and mem +100 and on my vega64 i use core +85 both runing save and faultless even on longtime or while gaming. Fans are auto and noise aint too high. And yes the Nvidia is 20° under the Vega producing less noise but as long as it isnt too loud for my wife both are at ok noiselevel.
  14. I have an old FX too and 2 graphics cards. While no event i turn down FX in advanced settings->configure->CPU Slot [edit] to 2 or just 0 on warm days cause the cpu has a horrible TDP to PPD ratio anyway consuming 135 Watt when running on all Kernels. Lowering this it ends up at 65~85 Watts and CPU cooler aint getting noisy and produced heat is 20° below full power. The loss of WU´s per day is only 1 to 2 at 8-core FX. When made enough money in my 2nd job i will buy me a new mobo with ryzen cpu and ddr4 ram to upgrade my computer again ... think that will take place in 3 months if no unexpected coasts aproach.
  15. If @william444555 looking for a good lower end card with a lower TDP Watt consume the GTX 1660 Super would be fine cause its at a fair price and consumes only 125 Watt. Alternatives may be the GTX 1650 ( NOT GTX 1650 Super ! ) cause GTX 1650 has a TDP of only 75 Watt ( the super variant needs allready 100 Watt and than the first recomentation would be better....) . If the GTX 1650 is too expensive at Ebay or similar, you can buy a GTX 1050 TI or just cheaper but only very few PPD´s less GTX 750 Ti . On AMD side --- well as far as i know they consume more electric power as equal Nvidias ( i have myself runing both in my system with very equal computing power but the AMD Vega10XL/XT consumes more Watt for it than the Nvidia TU104 card ).