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    HyperX Predator (4x, 16GB, DDR4-3000, DIMM 288)
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    Helios GX601
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    Kingston KC2000 (2000GB, M.2 2280)
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    Thor 850W
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    ROG RYUJIN 360
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    Windos 10 Pro

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  1. got it..after a closer look in BIOS...i dont know why but the AiO i got was add as sec boot device ^^ and i can not remove it manually...had really to clear cmos to remove it....thats weird
  2. Thx... but on your asus g-code list is also no code 40, same as on the one I got with the Motherboard. And why is a waking code coming as last? Can it be it has something to do with AiO Cpu cooler?
  3. hmm, dont know. Post codes are running right up to the end. Its only at the very end as it jumps to 40. not in middle of Post process or so.
  4. Hello Guys I got a little problem...i hope its just little ^^ When i Start my PC at the end G-Code jumps to 40. After just a Windows restart all is fine. Any suggestion? Whats the diffrence between a Start and a Restart? Thx for teaching :)
  5. I see. Building a PC is pretty easy and fun. But all the Software things is not easy and no fun at all... so far ^^
  6. ...but without the AI, i think i feel the slowdown and i think the core speed is bouncing around much more then befor. strange thing for me, the CPU Cooler temp is still at the same temp. Is a cooler temp of 35C° good?
  7. mine too. i disabled the AI thing on BIOS (but still with XMP1. but thats more for the dram anyway, i think) and the CPU is not going up to more then 4.8ghz but still shows the x51.
  8. Do you see the "Start" on MB and the 2 LED's by the Asus logo? I want that to stop shining, do you know a way?
  9. I completly agree with you. Why should i go down when the System says/think it is save to run it at that speed. Specialy as it is a not manual overclock. But some peoples think it is not good. Yes you are right and i apologize for that....i have an AiO Water cooler, the CPU Pump of corse is running all the time. But the little noicy fan on top of the CPU Block only on heavy load, luckily.
  10. i got down to 4000mhz (as you see on pic). I tryed Cinebench befor and after. I looked CPU Temp on 85C° for the 5000mhz and all was looking good. With only 4000mhz the cooler Fan does not even Start ^^
  11. means? Deinstall the Asus App and just use XMP1 from Bios? Waht about MSI Afterburnner?
  12. The 2 over the power pins...i asked Asus but they say there is no way to switch them off maybe you know a way. And yes i know i could mount them verticaly but dont want to do that
  13. No...it Run's on XMP1 and the AI Overclocking from Asus