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  1. Thanks for recommendation. But at 6300 RMB it's 50% more expensive. And at 2.5kg, more than double the weight of Acer. Eventually I managed to find Swift 3 with 4700u listed on JD. But seems while in rest of the world difference between 4500u and 4700u are fairly small, here it's jump to 5900 RMB, so about 40% more.
  2. Need to urgently purchase new laptop for work. Fairly basic office usage, just sometimes will use it to edit photos(DXO Photolab, small 16/20 MP files from Olympus). Prefer lighter machines and don't want to go above 14 inch. I'm in China and so far best option matching my price limit seems to be brand new Acer Swift 3, running on AMD 4500u / 16GB / 512GB, around 4200 RMB. (so far it seems 4700u version is not available in China?) Other popular choice around this price is Honor MagicBook 14, at same price also 16GB / 512GB, but older AMD 3500u. Thank you all for any advice.