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  1. The way I see it is that depending on what Nvidia determines is the truth, if they do decide to punish MSI, I can see them go with one of three options, depending on how angry Nvidia is: 1. Temporary suspension of MSI from AIB program: Basically, MSI gets dropped from Nvidia's AIB program, with remaining contracts with MSI fullfilled. Nvidia will reinstate MSI at a later date once Nvidia is satisfied that MSI has cleaned up their act. 2. Permanent suspension of MSI from AIB program, but allow existing contracts to be fulfilled. MSI can still make Nvidia cards, just with existing inventory and orders until they run out, and from there on, MSI is on it's own. 3. Permanent suspension of MSI from AIB program, with immediate termination. That means Nvidia immediately cuts off MSI from all Nvidia chips directly from them, demands MSI stop selling Nvidia cards, and return inventory.
  2. Well, apparently Nvidia is now involved per JayzTwoCents and now Linus, and depending on what Nvidia finds out, they might go nuclear on MSI and drop them from their AIB program.
  3. $400-500 isn't a lot; you're definitely looking at a used camera. B&H, and KEH are good sources of used gear in the US, so look at both.
  4. The deal between Nikola and GM was supposed to have closed today, but it appears talks have been extended. In addition to fraud allegations being faced by Trevor Milton, he's also been accused of sexual assault by at least two women: https://arstechnica.com/cars/2020/09/nikolas-deal-with-gm-was-supposd-to-close-today-it-didnt/ Per available public filings, the deal between Nikola and GM now has a deadline of December 3rd to be finalized before either party can walk away. In addition, Nikola's business strategy overview was recently changed, and all mentions of the Badger truck have been dropped from the documents. Signs of GM having second thoughts after the explosive allegations of fraud were leveled at Nikola?
  5. The Financial Times is reporting that Nikola's former chairman and founder, Trevor Milton bought truck designs from a third party for the Nikola One, which he then turned around and patented, trying to pass it off as his own work. This while claiming in a lawsuit against Tesla in 2018 that the design for the Nikola One as being a design he invented in his basement by himself:
  6. The way I see is that you originally bought the vehicle with one set of specs. That was what was advertised to you at the time, and what you paid for. The manufacturer then turns around and offers a $2000 upgrade which improves the performance by a small amount. It's performance in addition to what you originally bought, and in most cases, there is no expectation that a vendor would supply a free upgrade months or years down the line for most products, unless one was promised to you at the time of purchase.
  7. Canon has announced the EOS C70 cinema camera, the first Canon RF mount cinema camera for video work: From DPReview https://www.dpreview.com/news/4191695857/canon-announces-the-eos-c70-a-cinema-eos-camera-in-a-mirrorless-body Seems like a fairly compelling cinema camera; it's a very small body that can capture 4K at 60p with 16+ of dynamic range or 4K at 120p on a dual gain Super 35 sensor, has an internal motorized 10 stop ND filter, has Canon's excellent Dual Pixel AF, with all sorts of video-centric features for about $5499. It is also actively cooled, with the air intake system is separated from the electrical systems. Also announced is a EF to RF mount adapter with a native speed booster. In all, it's a package that seems like an excellent run and gun video camera, with the ability to take advantage of all of the new Canon RF mount lenses.
  8. Tesla is piling on Nikola's woes in their ongoing lawsuit by claiming that Nikola patented a stolen truck design: https://arstechnica.com/cars/2020/09/nikola-patented-a-stolen-truck-design-tesla-claims-in-legal-response/ It seems like Tesla is pushing to invalid Nikola's patents by trying to demonstrate that Nikola's patents lack novelty over prior art, and misattribution of inventorship. That would be the death knell of Nikola's ongoing lawsuit against Tesla, and just adds to the legal troubles Nikola is facing.
  9. They do have a functioning prototype of the Nikola Two, but they've been extremely quiet about the technology behind it. It also appears that much of the technology behind it is off-the-shelf components, using fuel cells provided by Bosch, along with partnerships with Iveco. However, they've been beaten to the punch on testing a hydrogen powered truck; Kenworth has already delivered a few trucks of their own design for field testing to their clients, using Toyota developed fuel cells. Whatever the situation with Nikola is, apparently, the Feds are involved; the SEC and the Department of Justice have launched investigations into the company. So things appear to be getting very interesting.
  10. If you are familiar with Canon cameras, I would stick with Canon. Sony's cameras, while being technically advanced, have a much higher learning curve because their user interface isn't as refined as Canon. The EOS RP is a very good budget full frame mirrorless; not many mirrorless cameras can hit it's price point and do a decent job, short of older models. If you can, try to stretch for a used or refurbished EOS R; it's the next step up from the RP, and while it is getting long in the tooth, it's a very competent camera.
  11. Most modern DSLR's are designed to be used as video cameras, and it's unlikely that the sensor will die due to use prior to the camera being significantly outdated, so it probably isn't a major concern unless you are planning on running it 24 hours a day, every day, for a long time, and maybe, you might see some degradation, but by then, the camera is well out of date and obsolete.
  12. After a short seller leveled fraud allegations against Nikola Motors almost two weeks ago, Nikola's chief chairman and founder, Trevor Milton has abruptly resigned from his position: https://arstechnica.com/cars/2020/09/nikola-founder-abruptly-resigns-amid-fraud-allegations/ The short seller, Hindenburg Research made a series of fraud allegations against Nikola, chiefly, that Milton mislead investors and the public when back in 2016, they announced their first product, the Nikola One semi truck was fully functional. Hindenburg Research then made an allegation that the Nikola One truck seen in a 2018 promo video was actually towed up a hill, and let loose to roll down a hill to appear to be driving under it's own power, which Nikola eventually admitted was true, but tried to split hairs by claiming they never said the truck was actually driving under it's own power in the video. Hindenburg Research's allegations came at a very interesting time for Nikola, as it was 2 days after they signed a deal with GM, where GM would produce Nikola's Badger pickup truck, where GM would essentially build the truck with their battery and fuel cell technology, and with all appearances being that Nikola contributing nothing to the agreement beyond lending their name, some financing, and providing GM a 11% stake in Nikola. Other than that, Nikola claims they have figured out a way to significantly cut the cost of hydrogen significantly, but they have released zero details on that front as well. Nikola has named former GM executive, Stephen Girsky as its new chairman to replace Milton. The situation with Nikola is getting very interesting indeed; it seems like there's nothing about the company that has driven it's sky high valuation, and the market appears to be catching onto that fact, as Nikola's stock has taken a massive beating after Hindenburg Research leveled their allegations. They appear to have nothing in terms of technology and research that would make them such a valuable company, and by all appearances, they look like another Theranos situation.
  13. Very little chance of damage to a camera if you use it as a webcam. For DSLR's they are pretty much running in live view when hooked up like this, and with mirrorless cameras, this is their default operation to show something on your EVF or back screen. I've hooked up my EOS R as a webcam, and it works great. Image quality beats the snot out of any webcam, and it makes use of my existing camera gear.
  14. Canon's EOS Webcam Utility is now out of beta for Windows, and they've expanded compatibility to add additional cameras: https://www.dpreview.com/news/3220375111/canon-s-eos-webcam-utility-out-of-beta-on-windows-now-supports-more-programs-cameras https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/support/self-help-center/eos-webcam-utility The officially supported list of the programs that will now work with EOS Webcam Utility for Windows: Cisco Webex Messenger Streamlabs Discord Microsoft Teams YouTube Live LIVE Facebook Live Open Broadcaster Software ZOOM Hangouts Skype Hangouts Meet Slack As for cameras, below is a list of the models that are currently supported by the official release: EOS Digital Cameras EOS-1D C* EOS-1D X* EOS-1D X Mark II EOS-1D X Mark IlI EOS 5D Mark III* EOS 5D Mark IV EOS 5DS EOS 5DS R EOS 6D * EOS 6D Mark I ** EOS 60D * EOS 7D * EOS 7D Mark I1 EOS 70D * EOS 77D** EOS 80D ** EOS 90D ** EOS M200 *** EOS M50 ** EOS M6 Mark II ** EOS R EOS R5* EOS R6 *** EOS Ra* EOS Rebel SL1* EOS Rebel SL2 ** EOS Rebel SL3 ** EOS Rebel T3* EOS Rebel T3i* EOS Rebel T5* EOS Rebel T5i* EOS Rebel T6 EOS Rebel T6i EOS Rebel T6s * EOS Rebel T7 ** EOS Rebel T7i ** EOS Rebel T8i*** EOS Rebel T100 ** EOS RP ** PowerShot Cameras: PowerShot G5X Mark II ** PowerShot G7X Mark Ill ** PowerShot SX70 HS * Recently added camera ** USB not included with camera
  15. The thing about customs decisions regarding if something violates import laws is that they are often made at the local level, not at a higher up level. It's up to the officer's discretion as to whenever or not something violates import laws. While local officers might consult with managers and higher up the food chain, the ultimate discretion is up to the customs officer at the scene, and it is sometimes a judgement call if it is particularly a grey zone.
  16. It's 7 years old, and Sony has since released 2 refreshes of the RX100 series. What is your budget, and where are you located?
  17. Best is subjective, and is dependent upon requirements, use case, and budget.
  18. The Panasonic can record 10 bit 4:2:2 internally at very high bitrates, has a waveform and vector scope built-in, can take full sized audio in/out via an accessory, and can record in excess of 30 minutes.
  19. That actually looks fairly flimsy for a tripod. And because it so old, it probably doesn't have a compatible quick release plate type still in existence, though it looks somewhat similar to the Manfrotto RC2 type system. Probably better off tossing it out, and getting a proper tripod with a more universal mount; ones that use the Arca Swiss mount are pretty much the industry standard these days due to their universality.
  20. You'll probably will need to up the budget, as there aren't many good cameras that do decent video at $200, especially if you are looking for one that has the ability to take an external mic. You probably won't be able to go any higher than 720p in terms of resolution at that price, unless you pick up a used camera.
  21. I would actually pick the Panasonic GH5 over the A7SII. The Panasonic is a better overall video camera.
  22. You are probably better off with something like a Canon C500 Mark II, or a Sony FX9. The Canon's and Sony's are more single user friendly, more reliable, and their accessories don't cost an arm and a leg. Plus, the Canon and Sony are in general more user friendly, as they have a more capable autofocus system, so unless you have a lot of experience pulling focus, the RED's will have a major learning curve to use effectively. You might like the Canon better because Canon's colour science is well regarded compared to Sony. But based upon your use case, why are you picking cine cameras for that type of work? You are probably better off with some sort of hybrid mirrorless camera, such as Canon's EOS R5 or R6, or the Panasonic S1H. You'll get what you need for that type of content creation with those cameras, as a cine camera is very much overkill.
  23. Scuttlebutt going around is that the A7SIII is having overheating problems under certain conditions as demonstrated by this reviewer:
  24. Google is apparently in negotiations with Samsung to have Samsung discontinue Bixby and the Galaxy App Store and promote Google apps instead, with financial incentives from Google to sweeten the offer: From Ars Technica: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2020/07/google-wants-samsung-to-kill-bixby-galaxy-app-store/ Quotes The sources are saying that they intend on finalizing some sort of agreement this Friday, so we'll see what happens. From what I've seen of Bixby and the Galaxy App Store on my Samsung phone, both aren't much to write home about. Bixby is barely useful, and I prefer to use the Google Assistant, or Alexa for stuff. Also, the Galaxy App Store is pretty thin on good apps, and doesn't have the market share the Google App Store has. I suspect that if Samsung does kill Bixby and the Galaxy App Store, there's no real loss for most end users.
  25. That's the old Tamron, which isn't as good. Would recommend you stay away from it. The updated G2 version is much better.