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  1. You are filling the buffer; your memory card is probably the culprit here. Most of the time, the rated speed is only the read speed, not the write speed, and your camera can't clear the buffer fast enough because your memory card is probably holding you back. Use a good, brand name SD card with a minimum classification of V30 rating or higher; I only recommend Sandisk Extreme Ultra's or ProGrade brand memory cards these days. Also, the other option is that you are in Continuous Low mode; change it to Continuous High mode.
  2. If you are in the US, specifically looking at a Canon, and don't mind refurbished, Canon USA's eStore has a refurbished section: https://shop.usa.canon.com/shop/en/catalog/cameras/refurbished-eos-interchangeable-lens-cameras Usually some savings can be found there.
  3. LOVE your profile pic!

  4. Then get the Panasonic GH5. It's another professional-level camera. Not sure what you are on about here. Autofocus, battery life, a whole lot of features and functionality. You would not be able to focus and track on a moving subject, unless you have the skill to do it manually, which requires a ton of skill to do well and smoothly. Not sure what you are talking about. You are less reliant on such equipment because the Panasonic does have very effective in body image stabilization. Footage shot with the Panasonic's will be smoother to begin with, and would require less cropping in post to stabilize.
  5. 1. The Panasonic S1H is also Netflix certified as a primary camera; it is a very good camera. 2. Most of the 4k footage from the web is 4k that was cropped and upscaled back to 4k resolution. Very few people are shooting 6k or even 8k, and if they are, they are big budget shooters. 3. Most decent cine cameras are 4k or more. The only reason why the Blackmagic is less is because it sacrifices a lot of functionality to get the image quality and price level. 4. As a student, the Blackmagic has an extremely high and steep learning curve. This isn't a camera meant for beginners or students; it is meant for more advanced shooters only. You will not get satisfactory results unless you have a lot of skill and experience, which you don't have. If you got the Blackmagic, with your level of skill and experience, you will be extremely disappointed in the results you will get. 5. Both Panasonic's I've mentioned have in-body image stabilization. Coupled with continuous AF, they are very much suited for run and gun shooting on the move, so you aren't as reliant on gimbals or tripods for stabilization.
  6. Though, the M6 Mark II has better AF and a much easier to use interface than the Sony. There's also native access to the entire Canon EF lens catalogue via an adapter. Video quality is decent, but then again, if you are comparing to downsampled footage from other cameras, it's easily no contest. But I am impressed by the excellent balance provided by the X-T30; excellent video quality, good UI, and lots of functionality.
  7. The Blackmagic has no continuous AF, a fully-articulating display or in-body stabilization unlike the Panasonic. You would be looking at getting an external screen plus a gimbal on top of the camera to produce any decent result; no continuous AF also means you will have to learn how to manually focus on the fly when recording video. Also, the Panasonic is capable of shooting 6k video, but the 4k video out of it is also very good; it is down-sampled 6k footage taken from the full width of the sensor. You can then upscale the footage back to 4k after cropping and stabilizing with little negative effects because the footage was originally down-sampled from a higher resolution. If you are looking at a cheaper option, the Panasonic GH5 is a very solid alternative.
  8. I would not recommend the Blackmagic cameras unless you have a lot of experience and technical skill shooting video. Your best option at a similar price point would be the Panasonic Lumix DC-S1H. The reviews on that is that it shoots beautiful 4k video with a ton of options available, but in a more traditional mirrorless camera body, with all of the creature comforts.
  9. I would agree that the Panasonics are the best option new, but they suffer from the same AF problems as the OP's suggestion of the GX85, as they use the same contrast detect AF. The M50 has the significant crop as you mentioned in 4k mode, plus it uses contrast detect AF, not the Dual Pixel AF that's considerably more reliable and accurate. Footage from the M50 is also described as being soft by some. The A6300 does have better 4K, but the rolling shutter and the overheating problems probably take it out of contention. It's really hard to make a recommendation for anything that can shoot 4k under $700 USD for the requested specs; the only recommended options are closer to $1200 USD, such as the Canon EOS M6 Mark II, the Nikon Z50, and the Fujifilm X-T30, and of those, I would probably lean towards either the Canon or the Fuji.
  10. See this video on the exposure triangle, and the relationship between shutter speed, aperture, ISO and light:
  11. That's because it's a Canon-authorized discount; Canon sets the MSRP, and B&H is an authorized Canon retailer. And the M50 is probably the best camera that meets your requirements that can squeeze into your budget without either going to a really old camera, or used or refurbished. If you don't mind manufacturer refurbished, the same camera and lens combo is available from the Canon eStore for $710: https://shop.usa.canon.com/shop/en/catalog/refurbished-eos-m50-ef-m-15-45mm-f-35-63-55-200mm-f-35-63-is-stm-bundle-black
  12. It's already on sale with a price drop of $300, so I don't expect it drop any further for Black Friday. If you don't think you will need the reach, you could omit the 55-200mm lens in the package and that would get you under budget.
  13. The Canon EOS M50 with the 18-45mm and the 55-200mm lens kit is perhaps your best option: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1393462-REG/canon_2680c021_eos_m50_mirrorless_digital.html It's a hair outside your budget, but it's a fairly capable camera and it's being paired with two cheap, but decent lenses. Should fill all of your needs.
  14. The bulk of the stuff that's in that kit is stuff that is either useless or crap. As you get more serious about photography, you'll be replacing practically the bulk of the stuff that they've thrown in there with higher quality items. And I would be very careful about buying refurbished Nikon gear off Amazon; for one, the camera or lenses could have been a grey market import, and Nikon is exceptionally strict about grey market reselling; Nikon will automatically deny service to a grey market import item, even if you are covering the cost. And yes, Nikon can tell if an item is a grey market import. I would recommend this Canon refurbished Rebel T6i with the 18-55mm lens instead: https://shop.usa.canon.com/shop/en/catalog/eos-rebel-t6i-ef-s-18-55mm-f-35-56-is-stm-kit-refurbished It's an much better camera with more features, such as WiFi, and a flip out touch screen.
  15. From DPReview: https://www.dpreview.com/news/3780680406/netflix-approves-panasonic-s1h-production-making-it-smallest-only-stills-video-camera As noted by Netflix, there are a number of camera settings you need to select in order to comply with Netflix's requirements, which are listed in the camera production guide: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1v-hsWqDoacoH1TaKslBTZobYu9uhVov4/view This means that if you are intending on shooting a production for Netflix, the cheapest and smallest option for a camera that's certified for Netflix is now the Panasonic S1H for a relatively affordable price of $4000 USD for the body only, compared to the other options that Netflix permits, which are listed here: https://help.prodicle.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001787532-Cameras-and-Image-Capture Per Panasonic, they are not currently aware of any Netflix Original productions using the S1H for productions at this time, but this would be an appealing choice for budget Netflix productions in the future.