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  1. Try setting a manual ip adress, gateway, and dns
  2. In videos comparing the cpu temperature under load of different thermal pastes, cpu's,etc, Linus uses a software that graphs the temperature over time. What is that software, and where can i get it. If it is not free, is there something similar that is free?
  3. I have an old laptop that i want to reapply thermal paste to. What is better, Arctic mx 2 or 4? I have never applied thermal paste before, so i want whatever one will have a less chance of breaking my system. Are the other thermal pastes i should use?
  4. billhelm

    WINDOWS 10

    Windows activator programs are usually viruses
  5. billhelm

    WINDOWS 10

    Most of the customization can be done with command line. I think that if you right click on a photo on unactivated windows, there should be an option that says set as desktop icon.
  6. I have a Thinkpad T510, and the speakers do not work most of the time. Sometimes they do work, and most of the time, they don't. Headphones do work however. As the photo shows, the computer does not think that the headphones are plugged in. I tried reinstalling the driver, and windows troubleshooting, but those did not work.
  7. Im guessing that either DHCP wasnt working on your router, or somone else had the same ip as you. Im glad it worked!
  8. Whats is the difference between mx2 and mx4? Would both work for me?
  9. Go to Control Panel>Network and internet>Network and sharing center>Change adapter settings(its on the side) The right click on your adapter (so probably ethernet) then properties, then Internet protocol version 4. On the popup window click Use the following ip adress, then also use the followind dns server Enter an ip adress just pick somthing that would not be already taken, for example if devices have ips of the pick something like Netmask should probably be Gateway should be your router And dns can be and/or after that click apply, and it should work
  10. Many people say that macs don't need antivirus's, and that's true, unless you are visiting sketchy websites, and downloading and installing random programs, and keep in mind some of those bad programs may get passed the antivirus. I would reccomend not having an antivirus because it could slow down your computer, but if you really need one, then either Bitdefender, or Malwarebytes is a good option. They both have scanners that you can use for free
  11. I Have a think pad T510, that is about 10 years old, When it is under heavy cpu usage, it tends to throttle to down to 1.19 ghz after it gets above a certain temperature.Should i reapply thermal paste, if so, what kind/brand, and how do i apply it. Thanks!
  12. I have a Samsung SyncMaster204T monitor. When I turn it on, the on light is steady, and the monitor shows the screen for a flash. Every time you turn it on and off it does the same thing. Sometimes it works fine, but after it is off for a while it doesn't work if i turn it on again. If I use a flashlight nothing is visible. Do you know what part failed, so i might replace it? Now the monitor flickers when it turn it on, and then turns off after a minute, if I keep trying to turn it on it eventually gets brighter, and when it is finished warming up it has no problems until i don't use the monitor for awhile.