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  1. i downloaded the 64bit thing on the website but when i click on the .exe file it says the name of the thing and then (32)
  2. Its telling me i dont have the minimum requirements to install it
  3. Im trying to install the drivers from the websites
  4. yeah i got that sorted. The second problem was that i wanted to install intel and asus drivers for mb and cpu
  5. Now i just gotta figure out how to install the drivers
  6. I just found it i used the search bar which i didnt see before
  7. In qfan control i can turn off every fan but the cpu fan
  8. This is what the qfan control looks like
  9. Hmm any idea where it could be at all
  10. I dont have any cpu fans connected all my case fans are plugged into the fan hub at the back and the cooler fans are plugged into the aio
  11. Then im just stuck on the start screen
  12. f8 sends me to the boot screen where i just need to click on what i want to boot theres nothing else there
  13. i have to click on the boot manager every time for it to start windows in case i didn't make that clear
  14. yeah i installed it on my main (only) ssd that had nothing else in it. I got the windows from a good tech store called verkkokauppa.com if you're interested in the exact store