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  1. my temps are below 80 all and i have heard updating bios can be dangerous
  2. i OCed my ryzen 5 1600 to 4ghz and then when i started playing my game it dropped to my stock settings 3.4ghz helps pls
  3. i use a wireless extender by Tplink and now even when nothing is open and only the game it spikes
  4. hi i have subscribed to 100 mbps but speed is not the issue i play my games and it run 0-20 ping and when i open any other app that uses internet it spikes up to 200ping and then 1000ping then back down for 10 secs and then back up the game is not fun anymore
  5. no it is a 2400 kit and xmp is on and i only have a 1tb hdd
  6. will a 2080ti i9 9900k and 240hz with 32gb ram fix the problem?
  7. for gysnc should i use 142hz or cap the ingame to 142 fps?
  8. I have DP connection and i only lag in Fortnite mainly rest all games are just fine and idk how to overclock ram and cpu speed
  9. it makes me sick with gsync on it feels very headachey (when motion blur is on or off)
  10. and actually even my cpu was 3.4ghz but it dropped to 3.2ghz
  11. no it was 2400 mhz then it just dropped to 1200mhz then it never got fixed and CPU could be the issue but i had no such problems before just this year
  12. stop spamming bs lets cut straight to the chase i have a 144hz monitor VG278Q and i have it set to 144hz in both NVC and in the display settings, in windows it is buttery smooth but in game it is laggy when i move around in my screen, it's smoothest refresh rate for my eyes looks like 80-100hz and it is definately not set to that and i get constant 160+ FPS and i have Vsync and Gsync OFF because it makes it more laggy so please give some other suggestion dont tell me to turn it on or off cuz it is useless SPECS- Ryzen 5 1600 3.4Ghz GTX 1660Ti 6GB Gaming X (Stock) PB 500Wt Power Supply Seagate 1TB Hard drive B460 MSI MOBO Corsair Carbide Spec- 1 Case 8x2 Ram Sticks (1200mhz) plz help i cannot enjoy my games