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  1. that actually looks great especially the wrist rest but does it have a full keyboard layout i.e with num keys and a scroll volume?
  2. My HyperX Elite is slowly trying to kill me by electrocution. so I'm looking for a replacement preferably wireless, has media controls, brown switches, and most important of all won't electrocute me no matter what. and won't peel off as well as my current one is peeling. Thanks!
  3. my mouse is relatively new though and a quick google search shows up that this is indeed a logitech problem caused by their switches. I'll try to repair it but I was hoping to get a more stable mouse in the long run that would get those problems years after the warranty expires.
  4. my G502 Hero has the problem that plagues logitech mouse atm, the double click issue. I've managed to go around this by assigning the primary left click on one of the buttons close to it, though I'm starting to notice the same problem on the left click but hopefully not. So I'm looking for a replacement for this mouse. Criteria would be if possible the infinite scroll, same amount of extra buttons, and the quick silent button which is very much useful.