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  1. Hi all, Just curious if the Sony MDRXB950BT are good headphones for gamers. Also, has anyone tried using them for gaming? Thanks
  2. I was looking for rtx 2060 super for my custom rig and I was confused between msi rtx 2060 super gaming x and aorus rtx 2060 super, whose benchmarks and temperature control is better? as there were no comparison available on the net . Apart from benchmarks aorus one has best RGB setup with 3 fans I ever seen but it it was $35 more costlier than msi
  3. Bro you should go for galax rtx 2060super or gigabyte rtx 2060 super gaming oc and buy these from bitkart .com( Indian company in delhi nehru place) or it is better to build a custom rig from bitkart.com , most parts are cheaper than md computers or Amazon .in plus service is free with warranty of 3 -4 years on each part of ur rig . second thing u can buy a their customised pre build at cheapest cost imp info - research a lot about the parts cost and there combinations on bitcart .com (fully explore bitkart then buy ) Here is the link for build custom rigs- https://www.bitkart.in/custom-rig-v2.html And here is the link for pre builds-https://www.bitkart.in/device.html
  4. Is their any practical benefit to getting a CPU that doesn't have integrated graphics? Like potential for better performance? Or is it you are going to spend more money because you have an unhealthy hatred of integrated graphics? Mainly asking because of the Intel I5 9600K and I5-9600KF. The CPU without integrated graphic is $20 to $50 more expansive than the letter.
  5. I was looking at budget friendly midtower case and I get confused between phanteks metallic neo air , msi vampiric 010, nzxt h510i and aorus c300 and I found that phanteks was the cheapest of all .So if anyone is having any idea of these cases then pls help me out!!!
  6. So I have light improvements when overclocking my gtx 1070ti. However, I wanted to go back to stock performance. I uninstalled Afterburner, is that all I had to do to make sure the OC is totally gone? Btw I was doing oc for the first time
  7. Can u explain what is that ALL means here in the image ?
  8. Recently I was looking at a mobo ROG strix X570 E gaming on ASUS offical website . In that ASUS CPU support , there was a column named "validated since PCB" and in this column all entries were "ALL" can anyone help me what was meaning of these entries of vadiated since PCB column!! Here is the link -https://www.asus.com/in/Motherboards/ROG-Strix-X570-E-Gaming/HelpDesk_CPU/