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    best airflow

    Yep This will work fine.
  2. They mean if the board that got bricked gets fixed and returned to you, then you'll have no worries. If you receive a separate board of the same make and model, you'll just have to install a fresh OS with drivers, etc.
  3. So IObit didn't work? Did you use the "Powerful Scan" tool?

    best airflow

    Exactly. How about the Corsair SPs in the front, the Silverstone in the bottom, the two Spectre pros at the top and an NZXT 120 in the rear. How does this sound?

    best airflow

    lol oh yeah. That totally slipped my mind. Okay. What about front (intake), bottom (intake; helps the GPU), top (intake; cool vrm, memory, etc.), rear as exhaust and the side as passive. I think you'll get positive pressure that way and the system will be cool.

    best airflow

    Exactly, so I guess he'll just have to buy one... if he wants that kind of hassle. Should have planned this beforehand though but ah well. What's done is done.

    best airflow

    Wait a minute. sirtoby's right. You didn't really mention what motherboard you currently have. The MSI 970A-G43 does only have two fan headers... sorry but this won't work man.

    best airflow

    It's all about balance. You don't want a bunch of fans that barely serve any purpose besides making a bunch of noise and if you're worried about dust, yeah you'll need that positive air pressure. Here's a suggestion: get a side pic of your pc and throw it up in ms paint or whatever and try planning the most effective way it can work with only the fans that you NEED. Use blue lines to represent cool air and red as warm air and whatnot and it'll work out fine.

    best airflow

    What about having the majority as intake (front and back) then just make the top as exhaust seeing that heat naturally rises anyway and the side can just be passive because of the GPU you're using. I mean not much to say because of the type of chassis.
  10. Really? There was an instance when I was installing an AMD driver on a laptop I was using and the annoying message was constantly appearing. I believe I removed the one the AMD installer placed on the system and got it myself directly from the site. If that still doesn't work, the most I can say is to go into the device manager, search for the USB device, then into its properties and under the "Details" tab you'll see a drop down menu. Click it and select "Hardware IDs". It will display a list of values. You can copy and paste it into Google's search and it will tell you the exact driver you need for the device.
  11. It's like telling windows that the file is safe. As long as you know what the file is and where it came from, there's no need to worry. So in this case, nothing will go wrong because it only appeared for the USB driver and nothing else.
  12. Hey, try this: http://www.sevenforums.com/system-security/310129-open-file-security-warning.html Should work out nicely for you
  13. You'll need to upgrade your OS. My past experience with Vista... well wasn't too delightful (bugs, crashes, random shutdowns especially with games). Try getting a 64 bit OS (Windows 7 or 8.1) that way if you feel like adding more RAM, you could easily do so plus it improves compatibility. Personally, I'll never just grab every new version of windows when it launches because I believe they have to reach a state of maturity so it will be less of a headache when having to deal with problems yourself. Guess that's why there were so many spastic versions of Windows 8 *cough* *cough* but ah well at least it's improving.
  14. Red dye is actually in the "try to avoid" category. Of course at first it will work with no problems, but when it comes to maintaining your system after a while you will see that the dye will leave most of its colour on your blocks making it a total pain in the toosh to clean. I mean a real pain. If you really want to go ahead either way just remember what you'll have to go through every time. If you don't want this kind of hassle, then just get coloured tubing and use distilled water with two drops of PT Nuke in your loop and enjoy your system