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  1. Not sure if you are talking about mine or the guy whose issue is long in the past My ram is all identical and running in xmp
  2. I do have 4 ram sticks.. But, I have had 4 ram sticks for a few months now, with no issues.
  3. So, my pc is randomly shutting off with no error screen or beep or anything. No discernible pattern to when it happens, and it's definitely not overheating or in high load scenarios only. It even happened once on very initial boot up when it was on the ASRock screen... Never happened before until the other day. I built it in March. So far I've only eliminated the power supply as possible culprit. New psu installed and it's still happening. Specs, if they're relevant at all.. Case: Corsair 280x CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X Mobo: Asrock X570m Pro4 RAM: Corsair RGB Vengeance 3200mhz GPU: Asus Strix 2070 SUPER Not sure what my next steps should be.. I don't exactly have a spare motherboard lying around to see if that is the issue.. Tonight I'm going to fully check and re-connect every connection on the motherboard.. just make sure there are no loose connections or anything.. Any tips or suggestions are appreciated, thanks.
  4. Would I be a fool to want to experiment with the fan totally turned off and see what happens? >_> Would I be correct in assuming the X570 chipset temperature is represented by the "Mainboard" temperature in HWInfo?
  5. Something weird has to be going on. 90s is way beyond what it should be hitting with the stock cooler in gaming. First, try updating your BIOS. If that doesn't help, I would definitely check to make sure the heatsink is mounted well. I assume you used the stock thermal compound that was pre-applied so that shouldn't be the issue but an improper mount could be...
  6. So I have an ASRock X570M Pro4 motherboard. Truth be told, I only bought it because it was available as an open-box return item at Microcenter for a steep discount. I planned on getting the much cheaper B450M Pro4. Anyway, there is a tiny little fan directly over the chipset, attached to the "m.2 armor" This fan sucks. It sounds awful. I've taken it apart and tried to see if there's something obvious causing it to sound extra bad but it looks to just be a really cheap little awful fan. What can I do about it? Could I get away with just removing it? >_> Or, probably a better idea, replace it with a better fan? I could take it apart and get a photo of what it looks like with the 'armor' plate taken off if that would help.
  7. I just hope you aren't expecting a massive bump in performance from overclocking to 4.2ghz all cores. It's a bump for all core workloads but it's not going to be that big. . Unfortunately, overclocking with Ryzen just isn't as dramatic or powerful as Intel chips of the last few years, or other chips of the past. I still love my 3600 though!