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  1. Okay, thank you very much
  2. Hi okay thanks for you help, I’m now looking at the MSI GTX1650Ti Low Profile, does that come with a half height bracket in the box?
  3. Thinking of getting a GTX 1050Ti low profile model, could anyone supply me with a link for a low profile (half-height) bracket please?
  4. Think I’ll go for a 500GB 860 Evo coz read multiple good reviews and watched multiple reviews and for £75 GBP It’s good value for money
  5. Btw, is this a good SSD do you know of?
  6. Yeah, I just wanted to make sure I was getting the best performance for the price. Anything must be better than a Mechanical HDD though...
  7. Lol Linus said it was better than an D-Ram less SSD
  8. I really do apologise, I meant pc not laptop, does the 850 Evo or the 860 Evo have DRAM Cache?
  9. fujitsu esprimo d556/2 e85
  10. It’s a brand new Fujitsu Esprimo
  11. The maximum price is around £80-£100 and it need to have DRAM
  12. Hello, I’m looking for a new SSD to speed up my laptop, it needs to be SATA so would an 850 Evo (250gb) or and 860 Evo be good? Please Advise
  13. Only trouble with that, I have a SFF case and there is no CPU Fan plug. Will the i7-6700 work with a Passive cooler?