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  1. I went to DRAM Timings Control there was no option to set XMP or DOCP, what should i set to XMP? AI Clocker Tuner?
  2. I actually don't know what timings to use etc for my TridentZ Rgb 16gb 3200MhZ.
  3. Hello, Mistakenly i wrote AI Clocker Tuner = Disabled whereas it is Manual currently. Let me know what to do, i have not done anything against timings. Thanks!
  4. Hi, My ram is trident z rgb 3200 mhz, i only changed DRAM Frequency = 3200 Mhz in bios nothing else, other things i have changed are for processor overclock which are AI Clocker Tuner = Disabled etc for CPU overclock do i need to do any other setting for ram overclock or is it fine? Thanks
  5. Thankyou so much for offering help but if these are fine then i think it'd be alright.
  6. Thankyou sir. Just last question are my settings fine i mean the changes i made are fine? I was watching a youtube vid and that guy made loads of changes in bios settings. I only made these changes if you could relook the pics i have attached.
  7. Hello, what do you mean by pass? i saw many people were not recommending prima95 it was also putting alot of stress and my processor was going all the way to 90+ temp thats why i chose aida for stress testing and stopped using prima, in aida temps were 70-75.
  8. 1.22 is absolutely stable, are settings fine? I just changed the one i pointed out others are default settings. I was watching a youtube vid for overclocking and they changed loads of settings. I did only these. Just wondering if i could go even lower than 1.22 would it cause any issues or not, also would you recommend that? Thanks
  9. It should be noted that Prima95 small fft test was going all the way to 90+ but AIDA seemed fine with 100% CPU usage.
  10. Hello guys? Is my overclock fine? This is my first time overclock, using Z370-F and 8600k I have not changed any setting, everything is default except these AI Clocker Tuner = Disabled CPU Core Ratio = Sync All Cores 1-6 Core Ratio Limit = 48 DRAM Frequency = 3200 Mhz BLCK Aware Adaptive Voltage = Disabled CPU Core/Cache Voltage = Manual, Value = 1.230 Stress tested with AIDA for an hour and Temps were 70-75. All other settings are default except the ones i mentioned. Kindly do let me know what changes should be made to settings (if any), temps are fine? My room temp is above 37 Celsius aswell. I have tested my Processor with 5.2 ghz, 1.35 voltages and it was totally fine, but i am good with 4.8 ghz and 1.23 volt currently, let me know if i need to change voltage, it was running fine on 1.22 aswell, tell me if any changes should be made to bios settings or volts etc. Thanks
  11. Great idea, just wondering if one missing nut wouldn't cause any issue in cooling?
  12. bump.. bump Does anyone knows what nut/thumbscrew this is?? Kindly help out or give link to any store which have them Thanks!!
  13. Its intel, apologies for not telling it before. Yes i'll email them, in the meantime if anyone could tell me the name of nut would be alot helpful.
  14. I can find them online, aliexpress etc, but what they are actually called. These nuts are same which are used in AIO from corsair.
  15. I got you, you are absolutely right and great idea, but i am wondering to just getting this nut, don't even know the name of this nut, if i know, i'll find them for sure online. Do you know what they are called?
  16. Hello, I have installed my x62 a week ago, one nut was missing i lost that nut, three nuts are installed, one is missing, first of all would it cause any problem?? Secondly where can i find these nuts, can you link to any store. Would be thankful for your help! Thanks!
  17. I have attached pics of my CPU cooler it got stains and they are permanent, a week ago i removed thermal paste with 70% isopropyl alcohol and now when i checked again it got stains which can't be removed. I tried again with 70% isopropyl alcohol swab but they are not removing and seems like they are permanent now. Are they harmful? Can i reuse my cooler again or can these stain get removed with any way?