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  1. 32" 4k monitors are being produced now by Asus and Acer with +1000 HDR, Gsync, and all of the extreme features you get for +$3500. I can't justify this price. It is too much for a 4k monitor, but those made by Asus and Acer are OLED I think. Still I wouldn't buy them...knowing that 8k could be a thing in the future and I move around a lot so not suitable for me. I am looking for a 4k monitor with 1000HDR, Asus released one two years ago for around $2500 but that one is 27". So I still didn't find the right one yet.
  2. I see your point, I do have enough distance so it seems that I better go with 32"
  3. Has anyone seen the difference between the two? Or at least can have an educated guess about them? What would be the perfect size for a 4k monitor? I remember gaming on a 27" at 1080p and it was ugly as games look dull.
  4. I am sorry, maybe I wasn't clear enough. I just wanted to know what other 2080ti users are going to do once the 3090 is out in the market. Are they buying or holding off? Just sharing thoughts
  5. So you might have 9900k or 10900 and a 2080ti and you might want to upgrade your graphics card to get a sweet gaming experience on 4k at 120hz. This upgrade hurts a lot haha. The 3090 would run perfectly on PCIe 4.0 and according to Nvidia, you'll lose a couple of percentages in performance if you run the 3090 on PCIe 3.0. It is a let down that the 10900k such an amazing CPU that doesn't support PCIe 4.0. So, we have to wait for the next cpu to get the full potential of the 3090. So there are a couple of options here: 1. Go ahead and buy the 3090 knowing that you'd lose some performance 2. Wait until Intel releases their newest 11th gen + motherboards with PCIe 4.0 and DDR5 support I always wanted to play RDR2 at max settings with all filters on. So I might actually buy the GPU now and upgrade the cpu and motherboard later.
  6. I guess that's Intel way to milk us...
  7. It is really strange seeing the recent Intel CPU lineup not supporting PCIe 4.0 and the next lineup of Nvidia cards all require us to have 4.0 PCIe. I myself own 10900k,a great CPU, but can't upgrade my graphics card. I need a new CPU, motherboard, and the graphics card. Next we will also have motherboards with DDR5. So if you're looking at the new RTX 3090, you need a heavy upgrade.
  8. Upon inspection on CPU-Z, it shows that only one ram is XMP capable (the last one), and the first 3 aren't. So, I manually adjusted the first 3 to match the last one. But their values are still the same on CPU-Z, they didn't change just like the photo im showing before and after OCing, they are the same. What I get now is 17 17 17 37 @1.35v 4000mhz. Does this mean that Gskillz is not guaranteed to sell XMP ready rams? That would be silly if they did that...
  9. the vccio and sa were set to auto and the vccio is bove 1.2 (vccio around 1.29) and the sa above 1.1. I was able to get a stable system performance at 3200mhz @1.35v while gaming. I think I need more time testing this frequency. It is strange that you don't get the advertised speed even if your motherboard is compatible with...
  10. alright man thanks for the advice, I think ill do it even though I hate updating BIOS's...
  11. yeah but why wouldn't the xmp work? if it was listed compatible then why doesn't work?
  12. Also, they are both Samsung bdie, and I don't think that Samsung bdie produced in 2018 will differ with the ones produced in 2020..