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  1. Looks like I've found the problem, but its weird the cooler is hooked up exactly how the manual says it should be not sure whats going on here
  2. I'll shut down my computer and take off the block to take a picture ill see if you think its the problem then
  3. it was running cooler when I had my heatsink cooler with a 120mm fan so I don't think its paste
  4. I assure you the cooler is on properly I have mounted many coolers in the past before. as for the pump working the tubes are vibrating which is the only indication I have that it is actually working, another thing if you need to know after the cinebench is finished it pretty much jumps straight back down to 60 degrees again
  5. I ran Coretemp and ran cinebench 20 again it ran at 105 degrees pretty much instantly but it didn't throttle it just stayed at 3.6 GHz
  6. The cooler is fitted properly and all the fans are at max speed
  7. Hello I have just upgraded my system which had a Core I7 3770 non k and a RX 570 I kept the same CPU and put in a Radeon R9 fury X and I also added a new Coolermaster ML240R AIO I applied thermal paste and mounted the cooler properly, I used the Sys Fan header 2 for the Pump since the motherboard doesn't have a pump header I've done it before and it has worked fine once I got the system running it seems to be running quite a bit warmer than my old heatsink and 120mm fan than was on it beforehand so I checked if the pump was working, the tubes vibrate so I assume it's working, I launched Cinebench R20 to see how hot the CPU gets it instantly jumped to 105 degrees Celsius according to MSI afterburner yet all cores remained at 3.6 GHz and the Tubes from the pump or the radiator were not hot at all and behind the cpu and the actual water block remained cool the cinebench score ended up being 1,296 so im not sure what to do from here if the cooler is dead or MSI afterburner is just reading wrong.