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  1. The surface tuning still isn't enough for the LOD to go under 2dvds, I'll just tape it and buy a bungee and hope for the best (I'm always scared of breaking mice while paracording so I'm not doing that especially with the mini cuz I heard it's hard to paracord) but I could also save myself the trouble and get an MX1 , but then still I could regret it if it doesn't fit my 17 x 9.3 cm fingertip grip
  2. The title says it, I'm gonna buy either of these 2 mice within this weekend, and I'm in doubt tbh. I've learned that the viper mini has bad LOD and not the best cable which are a big deal in competitive play; features that are important to me and that the XM1 excel at obviously. but is that worth sacrificing the lightness and the small shape of the viper mini? the question becomes for me: can I comfortably finger tip the XM1 with a 17 x 9.3 cm hand, if so , the XM1 is outright a better mouse to me cuz I'm thinking a 10g weight difference is nothing compared to the cable drag and the LOD difference. (ps: disregard prices) thanks in advance guys.
  3. thanks for info mate, very helpful (sorry I answered late I had something urgent), but some reviews that were posted hours ago on reddit are trashing the XM1 lately ...
  4. I don't have acces to try out mice atm but from what I've seen the internet + my hand size and claw grip, I'm thinking that the Endgame gear MX1 is the best for me, but this could be a wrong assumtion and that's why I'm looking for validation here + more insight
  5. I'm alomst decided to buy the EndGame gear MX1 v2, but the fact that it's almost not used at all by pro players is bothering me my alternatives are: Cooler Master MM710 Finalmouse air58 g pro wireless razer viper ultimate Zowie S2 divina maybe the Glorious Model O or D I don't care about price, my size is 17.6 x 9.3 cm (yes I have short but wide right hand) Thanks in advance for recommendation!
  6. Oh I forgot, could u tell me which one should I buy if I'm to buy either of the Western Digital Black PCIe or the NVMe one ? the difference in price is 20 euro
  7. I see what you mean, thanks mate very informative and helpful.
  8. But the price starts with the kingston A400 at 30 euro up to 61 euro with the Adata XPG SX8200 Pro and then higher so there's a difference of double the price there
  9. That means I try to get the cheapest SSD possible?
  10. moba and cpu are : motherboard: msi b450 mortar max cpu: ryzen 3600
  11. I just like having a very satisfyingly snappy performance, I don't care about loading speed.
  12. actually it is a default no brainer SSD, I have to agree...
  13. What's OPs hardware? I googled it and still didn't get it