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  1. The sad part is i have to buy it from a retailer in my country because theres no shipping for my country which is cambodia
  2. Butnit sells for 140$ and theres no warrenty on them do you think it is still better?
  3. So i an thinking of getting a headset that i can use as a daily driver ended up liking the sony whx 3 and i know the 4 are coming out but the price is too high my budget is only 200$ or lower can’t go above so i saw the razor opus it has a similar design so i liked it but i know it has alot of compromise like the 4.2bluetooth no LDAC and stuff but sinces im using it for normal uses like listening to music or stusying online i dont think i would mind I also saw the skullcandy crusher i like it but the wire coming which i hate And also saw the skull candy venu but it seems like it is really creeky but i also think he was streching them alot so im kot sure if it is creeky but if its not which one would be better or do you have any other suggestion but i would the headset to be over ear not on ear its just what I’m use to thank you very much for helping me
  4. Its a well known retail shop so im pretty sure its reliable
  5. Is there anyway for me to check a samsung battery health i know iphone but not samsung
  6. So i have never ever gotten a secondhand phone I’ve always gotten ones with warrenty but theres a retail shop jn my country that sell secondhand (very common for my country) for really cheap the Samsung S20+ is only at 355$ USD and they said within 2 weeks if there are any problems they will fix it for free but i have never gotten a second hand phone before should i get this one i know you should check IMeI if its stolen and check it physically but I’m still not sure because i have never gotten a used phone.
  7. So i got an iphone 7 from my father because he bought an iphone 11 pro and i check the battery health it is at 75% but with no shut down and stuff so i called an apple authorities store kn my country apparently they dont have the battery for iphone 7 anymore they only have 8 and above which means i have to rly on a third party place i am wondering can after them replacing the battery the screen becomes unresponsive or glitches and stuff or should i just not replace the battery?
  8. So i am planning on getting the Iphone Xs Second hand but i have never gotten a second hand phone. So i want to know what are the things i need to checkni knoe a few of them but i need ti know as much as i can just in case.
  9. I was wondering whihc one to get because the Iphone Xs or Se 2020 becuase the Iphone Xs is Secondhand with 2 month warrenty price at 450$ while the Se is 1 year warrenty because its new price at 460$ im not sure which one to go with.
  10. A quiet mechanical switch would probably be red and the redragon K552 would be a great option its only 40$ because for me personally i regret getting a cherry mx switch its to expensive and its not yhat different its quite similar.
  11. So i have been eyeing the zephyrus G14 but the price in my country is different and so i have attach the picture of the models that is availble in my cointry with there spec and price i want to know which one is more worthwhile for the price.
  12. So i am trying to find a laptop for my college but i want one which has a decent screen for the Colors and stuff because i am going to be using it for editing and stuff and i have a few im stuck with but there are all ROG the laptop model are in the picture i attach. I can afford all of those so i just need to know which has the best color within all these laptops.
  13. So I'm planning to get the Zephyrus G14 for school work and some edits with video photoshop and stuff is the panel good like the color of it and stuff
  14. Can't i just do a factory reset I'm not that knowledgeable of computer