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  1. can you try your gpu on another system? you can check your gpu temp, try to change the slots where the ram is installed, also check if the motherboard has any bios update. EDIT: also change the gpu bios
  2. nzxt h510, corsair carbide 275r, cooler master masterbox 5. should all be in your budget range. start looking on amazon what is available in your country
  3. thanks. will try once again starting from the ram this time. the motherboard was a good value but i didn't know it wasn't good for oc, if i decided to change it which board do you recommend? (if you did recommend changing it)
  4. I build a new pc with these spec: windows 10 amd 1600af noctua nh-u12s 16gb ram ballistix sport L 3200mhz Msi b450 gaming plus max (latest bios) Silentstorm cool zero 650w 1tb ssd crucial mx500 1tb hdd 5400rpm (from my old laptop) Rx 5700xt nitro+ so i oc’ed cpu and ram and tested with prime95 (small ftts) and aida64 (cpu, fpu cache, system memory) for 6+ hours each and had no problem, then i tried occt test and had a black screen. My oc was: 4.1ghz 1,35v (than with offset -0.1225) 3600mhz 1,4v (then 3200 with tighter timings still at 1,4v) 1.1/1.15v soc my fear is that 650w couldn’t be enough. what do you think? Ps (i did a cmos clear and i’m now running occt with stock settings)
  5. i ike the case, but i was hoping we could see a build without the an air cooler just to see if it was possible to use or even overclock without having too high temp
  6. is there that much difference between nitro+ , gaming oc or pulse? if so, care to explain? the blower style model is like 50€ less, but i don't think it's worth.
  7. thanks palit 2060s nitro+ 5700xt those are the cards, and the monitor is a 1080p 144hz. no 1440p for me now
  8. thanks. the only doubt i have is the driver problems that amd can have (and i don't really know how good is the palit, certanly is not and EVGA or MSI)
  9. i am assembling a pc and the monitor (already ordered) is the aoc c241g, so 1080p and 144hz. i am trying to squeeze every little money i can, but if there is difference between the 2 i can spend 10€ more Thanks
  10. i don't know. this is the conf they proposed to me
  11. thanks, i'm realizing it. wtf is wrong with microsoft there are 3 persons working 2 pc (3 in the future) 1 printer/scanner shoudn't be ok to use just the 5 pack users? even counting the remote desktop? to understand this is more or less the configuration they did to me Base PowerEdge T140 Server Chassis Configuration 3.5" Chassis up to 4 Cabled Hard Drives and Software RAID Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Trusted Platform Module 1.2 Processor Intel® Xeon® E-2124 3.3GHz, 8M cache, 4C/4T, turbo (71W) Memory Capacity 8GB 2666MT/s DDR4 ECC UDIMM Operating System Windows Server® 2016,Standard,16CORE,Factory Inst,No MED,NO CAL, Multi-Language OS Media Kits Windows Server® 2016,Standard,16CORE, Media Kit, Multi-Language; Windows Server® 2016 Standard Edition,No Media;2012R2 Downgrade Media, Multi-Language Client Access Licenses 5-pack of Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services, Device; 5-pack of Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services, USER
  12. so to not make any error. i have 2 pc (1 server and another one connected to it - i will have to add a third one ) , a Multifunction Laser Printer (printer, scanner, fax) and sometimes i work from home through remote desktop (just 1 user for now). that should be all. will i need both pack? does't 5pack + 5pack seems a little too much?
  13. it's time to change my old busyness pc-server, the one i have now is a xeon 3050. i was watching the Dell t140, and the price was not so high even if Windows Server 2016 was added, but someone told me that i had to add even 5-pack of Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services, Device and 5-pack of Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services, USER is it true? what are this pack for? adding both of them the price doubled