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  1. Thanks man I’m learning quite abit! Yeh I think your right I will just leave it alone, it’s pretty minor anyway I don’t even think the gap is big enough for dust to get in, it’s so tiny. It’s near my exhaust fan too so can barely notice it, it’s just one of those things where you want the setup to be perfect haha
  2. Oh I mean the big one attached to the io shield, the top left big metal thing, the io shield is attached to it sorry I don’t know what the name is. I think it’s vrm? Are they really secure? I’m thinking if I push it enough it might go in all the way but just worried about damaging it
  3. Thanks for the reply! This is a pre-installed io shield I wish I could push it hard so it snaps into place but I’m worried about ripping the heatsink off haha. It’s such a tiny gap I should just leave it but everyday goes by it annoys me more and more. There’s just something wrong with my brain I guess
  4. Thanks for the fast reply. Yeh the gap is really tiny prob 1mm, I actually forgot about it till yesterday since I built it a few weeks back. I was just worried since I read somewhere if io shield isn’t fitted properly it can cause problems because it’s not grounded, although I think it was just a comment on reddit so no idea if it’s true or not. I think if I tried to fiddle with it the screws will have a hard time going back into the standoffs
  5. Trying to get the b550 tomahawk mobo clipped into a nzxt H510i case, the standoffs and screws all line up perfectly and I’ve screwed them down But only one side of the io shield clips into place leaving about 1mm gap between the case and the right side of the io shield. Here are some pictures to show it a bit better. https://ibb.co/3MsNDkC https://ibb.co/FD0dt2J it’s not a huge deal it’s just abit of my OCD acting up. Wondering if anyone else has had this issue before? No matter how much force I apply it just doesn’t seem to want to snap in on one side. You think I should leave it as is? Any problems with that? I could try to take the mobo out and re-install it just seems like so much effort
  6. Yeh that seems like the case was just curious why it helps with the 3700x. Think it’s the ppt not limiting the cpu anymore? Compared to the 3800x which is already maxed out at 140+ ppt?
  7. Hey all I’ve installed my 3800x with fresh paste and temps look good. Just had a question about pbo. i ran cinebench at stock and got score of 5105 multi and 525 single. I ran a few runs and it usually is between 5080-5105. Im guessing these are decent scores for stock? I enabled pbo and I got a score of 5090-5100. Does pbo do nothing for this cpu? It’s not really a big deal I checked hwinfo64 and 7/8 cores boost up to 5.550mhz at stock which I’m happy with (cinebench is 4.2 all core) so will keep it at stock but just interested why this would be the case with this cpu and pbo. There is another system in the house with a 3700x and it gets 4800 at stock and 4950 with pbo so just wondering. thanks for reading
  8. Ah cheers mate I thought mx4 was good. I’ll cancel the order and get Noctua one
  9. Thanks for the reply mates What about arctic mx4? It’s on prime delivery and around £5,You think it’s a good paste? the Noctua one I used before will take over a week to arrive
  10. Hi all just installed 3800x and I ran out of thermal paste, managed to scrape out a drop from the tube and put it in the middle. I pressed down with my Noctua cooler and moved it side to side to get it to spread as much as possible but there’s about 1cm all around outside the center that’s not covered. What’s the general opinion on this, is it safe? Should I buy more paste and re-apply? it looks something like this on the photo I’ve attached. I ran cinebench 20 and temps max load are 70c-74c and it idles around 30-35c which seems fine.i checked it in msi after burner and ryzen master. I’m just worried that there might be problems in the future because the other areas not covered are getting hot without me knowing and damage may be caused. Most people online say to cover the entire cpu. thanks for reading!
  11. Not running anything raid, I’m running the update from a few months ago, I just noticed there is a brand new update that came out recently! I will try and update to that one. Any ideas why the whole beep thing would happen with HDD? I can’t find anything on the internet about it haha edit : my version is 36
  12. I use 3 ssds I do a lot of editing, the hdd is just for archive so I don’t mind not having it anymore (truth be told I’m happy to take a hammer to it...)
  13. Thanks for the reply! my specs running on windows 10 -b450 tomahawk max -ryzen 3700x -Samsung 860 evo ssd OS -Samsung 970 evo 1tb -250gb ssd (I forget the name) -western digital blue 1tb (this is the HDD) -gfx 960 2gb -crucial ballistixs 2x16gb 3200
  14. So I was having issues with my system where it would beep exactly 8minutes after loading into OS. Event viewer showed nothing, it wasn’t a bios beep code and msi support had no idea why it was happening, I suspected ram refresh error but again that would have signalled during post im sure. anyway after replacing the ram, reseating cpu, ram and graphics card it was still happening, other than the beep the system ran fine. I started to think the mobo was doomed then I decided to unplug my HDD as my OS is on my ssd, and the beep didn’t happen. WHY IN THE HELL is my hdd causing my mobo to beep?! It caused me sooo much stress and I have a condition which is like an extreme form of OCD and not being able to figure out why it was happening was seriously messing me up. Some may laugh at this but it got to the point where I was breaking out in heavy sweats with my finger hovering over the power button scared shitless to press it. sorry for rambling but anyone have any idea why it would do that?
  15. well MSI support passed my issue onto the right department with the sound file, from what theyve said its highly unlikely to be hardware related as any sound from the mobo usually happens in post and has a code, while mine can be reproduced and happens in the OS as a single beep. They suspect its a software causing it to send a signal causing the beep and told me to check my startup processes, but this still happens after re-installing windows twice, i told them this and havnt heard back from them in 2 days...ive searched the internet everywhere and cant find anyone with a similar issue..thanks for all those that replied but i guess i just have to deal with it and if anything goes wrong hope its within warranty period when it does.