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  1. basically looking for any suggestions as far as good amazon kits or anything else anyone has found as a good all arounjd investment for the tools to have on hand for crafting the plastic 4pin(and other) connectors
  2. the only issue with returning it is that it is only the rgb and its already installed as my primary cooling source. Im hoping to avoid uninstalling it for longer than needed to repair the wire. I don't want to go through the shipping and waiting over some RGB that in reality isn't necessary for function, I just want it to look cool haha
  3. So in short, the rgb connector on my water block was damaged during shipping and fell off during installation. I was wondering if anyone had some good at home tips or suggestions for repairs. Im no stranger to wire maintenance but currently lack tools for soldering. Any suggestions are helpful!:)
  4. Ive seen people cool their motherboard as well, is this necessary?
  5. Oh ok, that makes me feel better. I wont be putting nearly that much load on it.
  6. If I populated all 4 slots down the road is it something I should watch out for?
  7. My main concern is running large 3d modeling as I am expecting to prototype drones.
  8. I appreciate the help! sounds like ill be ok without blowing crazy money on ram watercooling
  9. Currently using 2x 16Gb Corsair Vengeance
  10. I know the title might seem a little stupid so here is the backstory. I am currently building on the Thermaltake core p5 which is an open case and I am water-cooling both cpu and gpu. As a serious multitasker and gamer obviously temperature is a concern I have. I'm wondering if the open case with no fans will bode bad news for my memory if I neglect to water or air cool them.