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  1. Latest version, 20.04 in this case. I'll take a look at that guide, thank you.
  2. I don't have guide yet, still researching and ensuring I have the right build. Now I can make the list: CPU (since I plan AMD right now...) needs to support IOMMU groups. GPU (planning 2070 or 2080 Super) needs to support vGPU or MxGPU. Anything else?
  3. When I build my new setup, I'm hoping to run pop_os as my OS near exclusively. There are some things that I play and/or do that wine doesn't support or overall work better in windows. Ideally, if I build an adequate PC (I'm thinking 3700x would be bare minimum) and a 2070 Super or above, I can load up a Windows VM and have access to all hardware - without the trouble of dealing with dual boot. At this point, are all X570 boards going to support all hardware passthru for VM use? I'm not sure what feature would support it but I know not all motherboards are good for this use case.
  4. So this context is interesting - giving something the "enthusiast" category when someone may have a legitimate need that isn't a PC enthusiast. For example, I will (hopefully this year) build a PC and I want something stupid powerful when the reality is a 3600 or 3700 is absolutely enough. I want it for the option of having the power, maybe playing some AAA titles and not having to worry about resources, so why shouldn't I get a 3950x and a 2080 Super or TI when the reality is: I normally do "basic" things (discord, telegram, spotify, firefox...) and play some "average" games (GTA V, Dota2, Borderlands, old steam games)...but I want the power (and longevity but that's a different topic).
  5. With that definition, I can build a 3700 system, use it exclusively for web browsing and say it's high-end?
  6. In general, how is the definition of low/medium/high-end decided upon? For example, is anything in the AMD Ryzen 7 line-up considered high-end? Is there a line between mid and high-end in the same line-up? To me, high-end shouldn't just be the most expensive, but with all the different specs I'm not sure how to give the assignment of what is high-end and what is not.
  7. Brand new house. That would suck if that's the case.
  8. Yo, I have an interesting annoyance. In my home office, my PC/primary monitor is getting power through a Cyberpower 1500PFCLCD which is plugged into the wall. On another outlet in the office, not on a surge protector/UPS is my Brother MFC-L2700DW in the same room. Whenever the printer prints, my speakers make a popping sound and the monitor sitting on the Cyberpower goes black for a few seconds. It's more of an annoyance if anything, it's not like we print often but it's normally when I'm actively working and it's inconvenient. First world problem. What could be causing this?
  9. Don’t want to turn this into a build thread...is the 3700 good for a solid gaming/streaming/productivity build?
  10. Yeah what could give decent performance and allow me time to research a new build?
  11. My current PC is dated, and I seem to be experiencing more and more CPU bottlenecks for newer game titles like COD. My current setup is: AMD FX-6300 Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P GeForce GTX 760 16gb RAM Is it worth it to OC the CPU or GPU to get some extra frames? It would be great to get medium quality from some newer titles and not have so much downscaling or pixelation. Also during things like Apex or COD:MW the CPU is staying nearly pegged at 100%, but GPU isn’t maxed out. any suggestions on how to better optimize performance before I can do an upgrade?
  12. How is OBS unstable for you? You can set the delay in the app. You can also add overlays via OBS once you create them. OBS/Xsplit are the big players, OBS is the number 1, it should do what you need.
  13. I was reading more reviews, and the Sony came highly recommended and seems to have the sound profile I'm looking for. I have a 37in TV from 12 years ago, so I'd like to make my overall upgrade count
  14. After doing some research today, I changed my receiver selection to the Sony STR-DN1080. I will keep the Polk's for now.
  15. I know that in-ceiling surround setups are frowned upon - less so than sound bars though. My living room area is wired in-ceiling speakers. Currently I'm looking at Polk RC80i speakers to put up there for TV/Movies/Music - but it seems like it's their "low-end" in ceiling speaker? I'd like to have an 8in speaker with a moveable tweeter, something mid-range that has a neutral or maybe a touch warm sound stage. Dolby support is enough, Atmos is nice but I don't see a ton of support for it, so it's not required. The speakers will likely be powered by the Marantz NR1510, although this isn't confirmed yet. Any recommendations?