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  1. I've updated my BIOS and I currently haven't experienced the system-wide stuttering. But I am still getting a small micro-stutter that ends up making my microphone cut in and out quickly. It's such a small stutter now to the point where I barley even notice it anymore having to have friends notify me if my mic is messed up.
  2. The lag is overall but yes friends do hear the microphone lag. One thing i was told was it could be an issue with how I have my virtual cables setup.
  3. Okay so recently my computer started having this issue where it'd randomly have a small lag spike and it would mess up my microphone causing it to stutter constantly until I did Restart Audio Engine on Voicemeeter. I am having another issue that is popping up more frequently now that is actually forcing me to make this forum post now. I am having another issue where I have a lag spike but then I have constant stuttering with my computer / audio and it wont go away unless i restart my computer. I've had one occasion where if I changed some settings or closed the game i was running within 2 - 5 minutes it reset back to normal (gtaV) System Specs Ryzen 9 3900x GTX 1080ti 16gb ram 2133hz Here are most of my settings / control panel settings. If I set my A1 output to WDM i get a loud buzzing noise along side of it. also using a higher WDM buffering to hopefully have fixed the issue but it hasnt.
  4. yeah idk rn im going to sleep now since im so like frustrated ill try more stuff tomorrow
  5. it doesnt feel like it spins up at all and ok i guess
  6. so im having another issue my ethernet cable isnt working at all
  7. uh idk yeah nothing working
  8. i swapped my my m.2 slot and it booted but my hdd still doesn't get detected
  9. i can't really do that because i have no other pc or usb cabe to download the update onto hut it still doesn't explain why theres completely no detection for my drives
  10. so after clearing it, it still doesn't detect my m.2 drive or hdd. before it stopped working i was in a windows update @ 24% and left when i came back it was completely off i let it sit for like an hour and then turned it on and it just automatically goes to bios
  11. can you fully clarify what you mean? couldnt i just take out the little battery to clear it?
  12. So I recently bought a new psu, cpu, and mobo Ryzen 9 3900x MSI x570-a pro when trying to boot into windows from my old m.2 drive and w/ my 1tb hdd i got it to work but then when i shut down my pc to see if my hdd was plugged in correctly(disk manager didn't seem pick up the drive) when i turned it back on i get red boot led on the mobo and in bios it doesn't seem to be detecting even my m.2 drive now. if you need further clarification I'll gladly give it.