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  1. I’ve had it awhile but it sat sealed in original box. I’ve tried every combo with ram slots except mixing ram brand/types like Corsair vengeance with ripjaws V or should I? I’ll try cleaning out the slots and see what happens
  2. Hello. Im working on my first build and currently just trying to have it work as a test bench like setup with only cpu, cpu cooler 2x8 ram sticks and cpu 4+4 and 24 pin power connected, cpu fan into cpu fan #1. I’m using an evga z370 motherboard and I tried using an intel celeron g4900 just to get it to boot. I got a post code 53, memory initialization failed, no usable memory. I tried switching the ram slots from 2,4 to just 2 then 4 and 1,3. I went from g skill ripjaws V to Corsair vengeance rgb pro to g skill trident ram. I tried putting in an intel i5 9600k, I know it needs a bios update, but I get the same post code every time. I’m not sure what else to try, the only thing I haven’t switched was the motherboard. I’ve looked at the cpu pins and they all look fine. I can post pictures if needed. im just not sure where to go now, do I need a new motherboard or am I missing something? Help is greatly appreciated. Also, sorry this is so long, I just wanted to be thorough with what I’ve done
  3. Should I go looking for a new one so I can get it shipped quicker or is there any hope in that one?
  4. I’m using an evga z370 ftw it gave me a post code 53, memory initialization failed, no usable memory. I tried to change slots, started at slot 2 and 4 like stated in manual. I even bought another pair of ram sticks still same error. Messing with the cpu was the last thing I wanted to do. The first ram was g skill ripjaws V then I tried Corsair vengeance rgb pro. Running out of ideas
  5. It was covered in thermal paste, I wasn’t sure if I would damage it by wiping the underside but I’ll give it a try. Would that equate as a broken pin in terms of errors?
  6. Hello. i was getting a memory error and was told to look for bent pins and since this is my first build I’m not too sure if I’m missing something. The motherboard pins look good to me but I bought a cheap cpu and didn’t look great. I’ll upload a few pics. Help would be greatly appreciated!! thanks.
  7. Kind of dumb question but can I check for bent pins without removing cpu? The less I have to mess with that the better
  8. I first used slot 2 and 4. I saw someone said ram worked only in slot 2 so I tried a single channel in slot 2 and then 4
  9. No, I’m trying to get it to boot for the first time. Most of the officially supported memory is over $200 and I’m just wanting either 2x8gb or 2x16gb for now
  10. Hi. I finally got my system put together and I get a post code 53, no usable memory detected. After some researching I think the ram isn’t compatible with my motherboard, evga z370 ftw and g skill ripjaws v ram. I’m trying to find memory that’s compatible but evga lists only quad channel configs. I found something I can get today I was hoping someone could look over to make sure this is compatible. Corsair venegence rgb pro and model number is: cmw 16gx 4m2 c3000 c15 there isn’t any spaces I just put them in for easier reading thanks
  11. Is this some kind of troll thread? There’s people that come here for help, doesn’t sound like your trying to make a build or anything
  12. I tried switching alternating the sticks in 2 and 4, used 1 stick in 2 and then tried it in 4. Even tried alternating sticks in case 1 was bad but same thing. Post code 53. Guess I’ll try 1 and 3 tomorrow but probably gonna need new ram