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  1. @jaslion @Kon-Tiki did the full reinstall of windows and managed to double and quadruple my pc speed. Only downside is that I lost my Office 2013 key due to some mix up with Dell. But still think it was worth it. Thanks
  2. Yeh, its looking like a full reinstall, it is the original copy. On the dust issue, my fan is actually ramped up all the time. The Dell 5558 has 2 parts to remove I have cleaned out the easier part, but to get to the fan requires keyboard removal, which i am not so confident to do
  3. yep... although sometimes I just want to throw it out the window Any ideas how? the main culprits seem to be: Windows Event Log System Interrupts (which i believe is hardware related b/c all my drives are up to date) CTF loader DCOM process Services and controller app they all seem to be windows related
  4. yesterday I finally got rid of McAffe which was taking up large amounts with its live scan
  5. It is Windows 10 Background processes usually have Windows processes taking up a huge chunk. Right now Event Log taking up 40/50%, sometime WMI host provider or system interrupts. I know I should rly just to a clean install of Windows to see if that solves but I just dont have the time to do it and then reinstall all my programs and files
  6. wow i did not expect such fast responses. Thanks so much SavageNeo I guess its just my machine then, everything is so slow. On boot up it takes me a good 3-5 min after login to be able to do anything. My CPU (i5-5250u) is always 100% maxed out and for those 5 min its usually 100% system interrupts. Maybe its time to replace the laptop. It just seems to not be doing so well
  7. Hi, First time poster here. I just fitted a 1tb Samsung EVO 860 to my 5 yr old Dell Inspiron 5558 to replace its stock HDD (5,400 RPM) - I cloned it directly, so in theory speed should be 4/5x faster. The thing is, i'm just not feeling the speed (although I very much 'feel the need' ). I ran Samsung Magician benchmark and my iops are really slow, I double checked it with CrystalDiskMark and my RND4K was 6k. Any advice as to why its so slow? Thanks ps. R.A.P.I.D is off