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  1. thats what im in, they are unremovable that way, i tried even on the school's admin account, no luck
  2. the profile comes from an MDM called mosyle manager, the named of the programs are just hard listed. As in its a list of programs that are blocked from running even if they arent installed, i dont think it dynamically changes. Ive looked in all the profile area's that are for profiles in a recovery mode so i have full root access and i still cannot find them heres an couple pictures of just one of the profiles. FYI, i dont attend the school anymore and they kinda just have been sitting there since i started summer and ive been trying to remove them ever since
  3. Hi, I know this is a weird question but i need to change a program name to something else, i just want to know if this is possible, for example, org.terraria is blocked by some profile thingy on my mac, I was wondering if there is any way to change this or just get rid of the mac profile all together. Its an old MDM profile that is no longer used and i have no clue how to remove it. Thank you,
  4. im just curious of what your means to do with the oh say 975gbs left on the boot drive? or is this drive going to be a boot/storage?
  5. i dont understand why this exists, its like the ethernet gpu thing linus reviewed, like whats the point lmao, its probs using some "rare" material to do data transfer or whatever
  6. hm i think that would work for the new parts i need, I know the card is specifically made for MSI gt70's but it goes in a multitude of laptops, my only issue with that is i need it to go now, because gaming on a macbook air isnt really a great idea
  7. May as well get an 8 core xeon, you can find some good ones on ebay
  8. considering the prices ive found that are 300+ up on multiple sites thats all im going by, do you have a better price rate i could use?
  9. Nvidia Gtx 675mx 4gb GDDR5, Old laptop completely died so im selling all the parts to build up a desktop
  10. hm, seems strange, maybe just limit the world if they decide to go out that far 100kx100k would maybe work, just ask your players to not go out that far due to disk space, otherwise a new cpu will be your best bet, or if you dont want to spend a good amount on a new cpu right now you could get a hosting platform for pretty cheap, i know of some hosting thats 1$ to 1.50$ a gb. Its a cheaper alternative if you want to consider it that way.
  11. Hi, I have a 4gb laptop gpu and its roughly priced around 275-350, ive listed it on ebay twice and no one really shows any interest, does anyone know a site where i can sell this for 275-300ish? Thank you anyone who helps,
  12. Its all good, your best bet would be an used xeon or what fasauceome said a Ryzen would work too on a budget, but you may benefit if its the nether, preloading a large amount of the chunks, Ive ran mc networks in my time and sometimes its just something you cant avoid no matter the specs, just to avoid the issue of spending money all together is just to load the chunks with a chunk loading plugin, that might fix the lag issue
  13. Minecraft runs one a per core basis, Your cores might not be the issue, have much ram do you have to the server, and is it ddr4 or ddr3?
  14. Just did that, it tried to start, than shutoff than tried to start again, it did this 3 times, than back to nothing