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  1. Hello, I've had a Logitech K400 Plus for a couple of years now, but the godawful touch pad taught me to hate it. Not to mention the creaking plastic that gives me the shivers every time I hear it... I have been actively looking for something to replace it with, something not very expensive and comfortable at the same time. Then I saw this video of Linus holding a gyro equipped controller-like keyboard and I WANTED IT!!!! It's compact, looks comfortable, has a gyro instead of a clunky touch pad and I cannot find it anywhere. I live in the UK and I searched through Amazon so much for something like it, but all of the models I came across (the non crappy ones at least) don't have a gyro or at least I couldn't find that they do. Does anyone know what make and model this is, or at least a similar gyro equipped one? Thanks in advance!