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  1. it shouldnt overheat for sure, but i can think of it takes longer to cool off from load to idle
  2. you know your m.2 has some stickers that are ultra bad meterial for heat transfer, and with nothing between cooler and m.2 , result will only be slightly better
  3. as a seller, of coz everything is working perfectly any useful info i can squeeze out?
  4. going to meetup with the buyer, so thats not going to happen...
  5. everything can be fake!! just worrying... eg msi gaming/ gigabyte gpu looks exactly the same over many gen of rx470/570/1060 any safety measures avoid being tricked? gpu_z is too late since after the trade...
  6. ask yourself again, why do you need an upgrade? how long till next upgrade needed? even 2 gen later cpu wouldnt justify the cpu upgrade compared to most mid range cpu, regardless of mobo support
  7. i am seeing less and less sapphire ones, and most most them are base model, without nitro+ it doesnt really matter about nitro , right?
  8. which is better ? i am looking at used cards
  9. so thinking back that intel strategy may be correct lol mobo futureproofing isnt quitr a concern to most mid high end users
  10. tried, it can reach 80fps min ,avg 160fps, which is a cpu bottleneck