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  1. Nope. But trying on other machines gives 483 gb of free space as expected, instead of 493. Not sure exactly where is the issue, but it's not a big one, guess I'll live with it.
  2. I'm sorry, maybe I wasn't clear enough, but here I'm having the opposite behaviour: it *seems* like the drive is 10 gb bigger than advertised (493+17=510)
  3. Hello everyone, I connected an external drive to my iMac. Initially it was not recognized (it read: Error 49153 unable to mount the disk, 500 gb total capacity, 500 gb free space). I formatted it, and now it works and I copied a folder (17 gb) on it, but now it reads: 500 gb total capacity, 493 gb free space, 17 gb used. Why is it not showing 483 gb of free space instead? Thank you in advance